October 20, 2021

2 Min Read

Survivors of the Fog event

Starting October 21st, Survivors of the Fog, For Honor’s limited-Time Halloween event is available until November 11th.

We’re happy to announce our collaboration with Dead by daylight for this year’s Halloween special cross-over event even though it may have come to the expense of our good friend Larry.

Get ready and muster all the courage you have, you’ll need it if you wish to escape the trapper. Defeat your enemies and conquer your fears to unlock a multitude of rewards with the Free Event Pass. These include an Effect, an Ornament and a Battle Outfit.

During this event only, you’ll be able to play the Survivors game mode in a spooky environment, based Dead by Daylight. It’s a 4v4 PVP game mode without minions. Instead of minion, the Trapper roams the map looking to prey on the heroes. Two teams will compete for capture points. Killing the Trapper to get you hard points. Reach 1000 points to break the opposing team. Beware, the trapper is even deadlier than he is scary.

The exclusive content that will be available throughout the event is inspired a lot by our partnership with Dead by Daylight and is especially trendy in these spooky times.

Have a horrific Halloween!

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