July 15, 2021

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Twitch Drops are back!

To celebrate the launch of Kyoshin, we’ll be activating Twitch Drops! Please remember to link your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts, or you will not be able to receive drops.

July 15 Warrior's Den

During the live July 15 Warrior's Den, starting at 12:00 ET, the following Twitch Drops will be active:

  • A GUARANTEE of 1 SCAVENGER CRATE to each viewer for every 30 minutes of cumulative watching time.
  • A CHANCE to earn 100,000 Steel after every 30 minutes of viewing time.
  • An additional CHANCE to unlock the new Hero after every 30 minutes of viewing time with 1 Exclusive Ornament, 1 Elite Outfit, 7-Day Champion Status and 3 Scavenger Crates.


You don't need to claim the 100000 Steel and the new Hero. Lucky winners will receive the rewards on July 22 and will be notified in game.

Drops For the Entire Twitch Directory!

From July 22-29, watching any streamer viewable in the Twitch directory will let players receive drops as long as they've linked their Twitch and Ubisoft accounts.
There are new reward tiers to follow the updated guidelines from Twitch.
Each tier progress will work only if you claim your previous rewards.

[FH] resizedtwitchdrop2

  1. Watch 1 hour = 1 XP Boost
  2. Watch 4 hours = 4 XP Boosts + 1 Premium Scavenger Crate
  3. Watch 8 hours = 8 XP Boosts + 1 Premium Scavenger Crate
  4. Watch 12 hours = Melee Pack + 1,000 Steel
  5. Watch 16 hours = Melee Pack + 2,000 Steel
  6. Watch 20 hours = Melee Pack + 3,000 Steel
  7. Watch 24 hours = Combat Pack + 4,000 Steel

Top 10 Streamers

The top 10 For Honor streamers from July 22-29 will receive 100,000 Steel!

[FH] Twitch Drops top 10


Q: How do I connect my accounts to be eligible for Twitch drops?

A: Head over here and login with your accounts.

Q: What channels do I need to watch in order to get the rewards?

A: You need to watch any channel that is streaming to the official For Honor Twitch directory.

Q: As a streamer, how do I activate these rewards for my viewers?

A: Change the game you are streaming to as “For Honor” and then go live with For Honor! Be sure you have connected your accounts here before.

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