June 8, 2023

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Warrior's Den Recap June 8, 2023

Y7S2 Vengeance

Whispers of a New World recently reached the Horkos. The brutal explorer Conquistador Vela set sail with a fleet to investigate. What she found exceeded all rumors: vast cities of gold, the precious metal plentiful as mud. But this civilization would not suffer invasion so easily. They challenged the Conquistadors to fight at a set time and a place - an odd custom Vela pretended to agree to, before she ambushed them.

Now the Horkos return in triumph. Obscene amounts of gold and treasure fill Vela's Castle. But her greatest prize of all is the enemy combatant she's captured: the strongest warrior from the New World. Many Horkos lives were lost in taking the prisoner. Kept caged and hidden, this spectacular fighter will soon be unveiled before Astrea for a public execution.

Until then, the Horkos celebrate.

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Launch Event: Stolen Empire

The Conquistadors have returned from their journey to the New World with vast hoards of gold. The Horkos war machine now funded beyond belief, warriors gather inside Conquistador Vela's castle to celebrate the boundless might of their order. Revelries, feasts and festivities await, where all will marvel at a most prized trophy: a caged warrior from the stolen empire.

[FH] News - WD Recap June 8, 2023 Stolen Empire

To mark the launch of For Honor's Y7S2: Vengeance, participate in "The Stolen Empire" free event pass and unlock unique event loot. Available only from June 15th to July 6th.

Warmonger Hero Skin Conquistador Vela

Conquistador Vela left Heathmoor for a voyage across the sea. Tasked with a crucial mission by Astrea herself, she sailed to the New World, where she found an empire of gold. Through deception, ruthlessness and barbarity, Vela decimated this civilization, and took its unbelievable treasures for herself. Now, she returns to Heathmoor as a Horkos hero, living proof that the strength of their Order knows no bounds.

Become the doom of a stolen empire with the Hero Skin of Conquistador Vela, a full body customization of the Warmonger. Available in For Honor at the start of Y7S2: Vengeance.

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Battle Pass

[FH] News - WD Recap June 8, 2023 BattlePass Final

The Conquistadors journeyed to the New World and decimated an entire civilization in the name of Horkos. Now they have returned to Heathmoor, bringing with them amounts of gold previously thought unimaginable to further fund their war efforts. The Conquistadors have also returned with weapons and armors they traded for before the pillaging, made from the idols and valuables of this powerful civilization.

This season, discover the treasures of a stolen empire and unlock 100 tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available during For Honor's Y7S2: Vengeance.

New Onboarding Flow

We are thrilled to announce a significant improvement to your gaming experience with the introduction of a reimagined onboarding. Our objective is to provide both new and existing players with a seamless transition into the captivating world of multiplayer battles.

We have overhauled and simplified our tutorials, merging the Join Apprentice and Warriors trial into a single evolutive flow. This allows you to progress smoothly through the game's mechanics and strategies, making it easier to grasp the essentials and reduce frustration. We also removed the scoring system and the secondary objectives.

To empower players to learn at their own pace, all tutorials are now unlocked from the start. You have the freedom to explore different aspects of the game.

Patch Notes and Testing Grounds

In this Warrior's Den, we presented you some of the changes that are going live at the launch of Y7S2. Check back here on the 15th for the full Y7S2 patch notes breakdown!

From June 15th to the 22nd, the Testing Grounds will be open to test improvements to Guard Bash timings. We will also be testing a 2nd round of changes to Lawbringer. The Testing Grounds is meant to test changes to heroes and other fight mechanics before they make it into the live game. These changes aren't guaranteed to make it into the live game. To help us determine what makes into into the live game, we need your feedback. So be sure to participate and send us your feedback!

[FH] News - WD Recap June 8, 2023 Main Testing Grounds

We'll see you again next time for another Warrior's Den Recap article, or on the battlefield!

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