January 26, 2023

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Y6S4 TU2 Warrior's Den Recap

For this new Warrior’s Den and the reveal of the new Hero, we were back to a live in-person stream to celebrate Title Update 2 of the current season, Y6S4: Shattered Fates! TU2 is set to launch on February 2nd.

In this Warrior’s Den recap article, we will go over all of the Title Update 2 goodies: New Hero, new Armor Variations, Hero Fests, Covenant Games, Patch Notes and much more. For detailed discussions, be sure to check out the Warrior's Den Y6S4 TU2 VOD.

[FH] News - WD Recap - Season Roadmap

For a quick recap of what was covered in TU1, check out our December 8th article here

Free Week is back starting February 2nd
Starting February 2nd for one week, players can try For Honor for free on Microsoft, Epic, and Sony PS4/PS5. Players can preload the game starting on Jan 31st.

[FH] News - WD Recap - Free Week Map

New Hero: The Afeera

“They say that when the Afeera attack, they enforce the will of destiny. If they come for you, it’s already too late.”

The Afeera are elite warrior-scholars tasked with protecting the Sultana, the Celestial Sphere and all of their kingdom. Recruited from a very young age among the poorest and the outcasts, they are first taught in the arts and sciences before they ever hold a weapon. They go through intense and rigorous training to make them strategic and lethal warriors who are always a move ahead of their opponents. They are light on their feet, swift, agile, and acrobatic—qualities borrowed from their namesake, the gazelle.

With the Celestial Sphere now destroyed and the Sultana dead, the Afeera’s mission has just changed. No longer will they simply watch the events of Heathmoor unfold. Now, they will help shape them.

Afeera joins Pirate and Medjay as the third Outlander Hero in For Honor! The Hero will come with two sets and will be exclusively available for purchase starting February 2nd for 7.99$ as a bundle that includes the Hero, one Ornament, one Elite Outfit, seven days of Champion Status and three scavenger crates. Players will also be able to unlock the hero starting February 16th for 15 000 Steel in-game.

Embody the Afeera, tactical geniuses of the battlefield. Highly trained and precise in their attacks, they can deftly dispatch an enemy with their mace and shield. Nimble and quick, the Afeera are also capable of impressive acrobatic feats—using their every limb as a weapon to fell opponents. They are elegant yet deadly warriors.

In addition to the Afeera and TU2 release, a free Event Pass: Twilight of the Afeera, will be available from February 2nd to February 23rd. Exclusive, limited-time rewards will be available during this time such as an ornament, effect, and more.


[FH] News - WD Recap - Carousel of Horkos

The limited-time event, Horkos Masquerade returns for one last time! From March 2nd to March 9th, play the special 4v4 game-mode, Carousel of Horkos. You must defeat all members of the enemy team at the same time to win the round! The limited-time event Battle Outfit, Ornament, and Effect will be lootable during the week. This is your last chance to loot your rewards from the limited-time event Horkos Masquerade, after this, Chimera Banquet will be back one last time during Y7S1.

A quick reminder that the Hero Fest is a week-long fest where one specific Hero will be accessible for free and on sale for purchase if you want to continue to play the Hero after the week is over. In addition, a unique execution will be released for that Hero. Players will also be getting two free symbols when they log into the game.

From February 23rd to March 2nd, there will be a Hero Fest for the Kyoshin.

From March 9th to March 16th, the following Hero Fest will be for the Nuxia


[FH] News - WD Recap - Pro Am Keyart

Sign ups for the Pro-Am Tournament ends today, Jan 16th at midnight EST !

There will be two (2) cross-platform tournaments, with one in the North America region and another in the Rueop region. The tournaments will take place for two days- Day 1 being on Jan 28th and Day 2 being on Feb 4th. Grand Finals will take place on Feb 5th and will be streamed on the ForHonorGame Twitch Channel starting at 5 PM UTC. Winners of each region will win the prize of a Custom For Honor Character Statuette!

For more details and rules of the Pro-Am Tournament, visit the battlefy page at https://battlefy.com/for-honor-pro-am-tournaments.


In this Warrior's Den, we presented to you some of the changes that are going live at the launch of Y6S4 TU2, such as changes to Defensive Stance Abilities, Berserker, Kensei, Shaman, Black Prior updates, and others. We suggest you watch this segment of the show in the VOD. An article for the Patch Notes will be available on February 2nd.

That's it for this recap! Have fun with the release of Afeera and Y6S4 TU2 on February 2nd, and we'll see you next time for another recap!

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