December 2, 2021

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PATCH NOTES 2.32.0/2.32.1 – FOR HONOR


PS4: 31Mb, Xbox One: 31Mb, PC: 31Mb



  • Dust Devil
    • Can no longer be canceled into a Dodge during the recovery of a Miss.
  • Dodge Cancels
    • All Dodge Cancel timings after missed attacks lowered to 100-300ms (from 100-333ms on average)
  • Lightning Strike

Developer’s comment: If you dodge the Orochi’s Dust Devil, the Orochi can no longer dodge cancel the recovery, so you can now easily punish a whiffed Kick. This nerf, combined with the dodge timing nerfs, and the nerfs to Kiai + Smoke Bomb + Slip Through that you’ll see later in these Patch Notes, should combine to reduce the frustration of fighting an Orochi.


  • HP
    • Reduced HP to 130 (was 140)
  • Damage
    • Reduced Soft Feint Storming Tap damage to 10 (was 12)
    • Reduced Second Top Heavy in Chain damage to 30 (was 32)
    • Reduced Top Heavy Finisher Damage to 33 (was 36)
    • Reduced Raider's Fury Damage to 32 (was 38)
  • Stamina Damage
    • Removed Stamina Damage and Stun on Knee Attack when hitting a wall with Stampede Charge or Forward Throw

Developer’s comment: Generally, Raider’s damage was overtuned, so here we reduce it across a number of major attacks. Similarly, we removed the Stamina Damage from the sprint melee (and forward throw) to reduce the frequency that a Raider puts a victim OOS. These should reduce Raider’s overall effectiveness.


  • Headbutt
    • Delayed branching from side dodge’s Headbutt Miss to Heavy Finishers to 300ms (was 200ms)

Developer’s comment: This should make it easier for the opponent to punish a whiffed Headbutt.

  • Demon Ball
    • Demon Ball Recovery is now 1200ms (was 1300ms)
    • Victim’s Bind duration is now 1800ms (was 2100ms)

Developer’s comment: This should remove the Demon Ball > Demon’s Embrace combo that was possible when facing a wall, which will therefore reduce Shugoki’s damage output in these situations.

  • Damage
    • Charged Side Heavy Opener damage is now 28 (was 32)
    • Charged Top Heavy Opener damage is now 30 (was 34)
    • All Uncharged Heavy Finisher damage is now 27 (was 31)
    • Side Charged Finisher damage is now 30 (was 36)
    • Top Charged Heavy Finisher damage is now 32 (was 38)

Developer’s comment: Generally, Shugoki’s damage was overtuned, so here we reduce it across a number of major attacks.


  • Cooldown raised to 105 seconds (from 90)

Developer’s comment: This is a nerf to Orochi’s ability to put opponents OOS as frequently.


  • Logic behind Slip Through was changed. Now checks for the next single landed damaging attack shortly after a dodge, rather than all attacks after a dodge within 1.5 seconds.
  • Slip Through damage buff lowered to 30% (from 40%).
  • Cooldown raised to 3 seconds, up from 1 second.

Developer’s comment: This is both a bug fix and a general nerf to Orochi damage.

  • Short Tempered
  • Damage Bonus is now 15% (was 20%)

Developer’s comment: This is a Shugoki nerf.


PS4: 1.2 Gb, Xbox One: 1.69 Gb, PC: 1.69 Gb



  • HP is now 120, up from 110

Developer’s comment: With the changes coming to Shinobi’s escape options, the lower HP pool was no longer necessary.

Ranged Attacks

  • Removed Charging Heavy Attack from Neutral
  • Removed Ranged Guard Break
  • Ranged Heavy Attack is now a Melee attack accessible after Front Kick, Side Kick or Teleport Kick

Developer’s comment: Shinobi had access to tools that bypassed For Honor’s Art of Battle; at-will ranged attacks caused issues in group fights with invisible indicators and off-screen attacks. With these changes, Shinobi’s Ranged Attack is now only accessible as a guaranteed attack off some of the hero’s Kick attacks, which should reduce the frustration experienced when facing Shinobi. We’re pushing the hero in a different direction, with a more slippery, agile and mixup intensive kit which fits better with what heroes are capable of generally doing.

Heavy and Light Attack changes

  • Adjusted Heavy Opener properties to gain better tracking and range
  • Light attacks now chain to Sickle Rain at 100ms (down from 200ms)
  • Light Openers now have extra forward movement
  • Light Finishers now have flatter weapon trajectories and now have extra forward movement

Sickle Rain

  • Top Heavy Finisher is now Unblockable and 800ms (up from 700ms)
  • Side Heavy Finisher is now Undodgeable
  • Additional hits for Sickle Rain no longer require strict timing
  • Additional hits no longer cause Bleed damage
  • Now deals 20 damage on initial hit, plus 3 per Stab (for a total of 29 damage)
  • No longer drains stamina on hit
  • No longer ignores Pinning rules
  • Now chains to Back Flip 66ms earlier

Developer’s comment: With the removal of Ranged Guardbreak (which was the main way Shinobi landed Sickle Rain), we’ve adjusted the move as well as where it can be accessed from so that it lands more frequently.


  • Light Finishers now chain to Sickle Rain
  • Combo Light attacks now chain to Sickle Rain

Developer’s comment: These changes should help Shinobi flow better in 1v1.

Dodge Kicks

  • Side Dodge Kick can now be performed after a single Dodge (was from Double Dodge only)
  • Front Dodge Kick can now be performed after a single Dodge (was from Double Dodge only)
  • Front Dodge Kick can be performed from 300ms to 500ms from Dodges
  • Front Dodge Kick and Side Dodge Kick can now ledge

Developer’s comment: With these changes, Shinobi is better able to defend and open up opponents.

New Option: Front Dodge Heavy

  • New Option: Front Dodge Heavy Attack
  • 700ms feintable Heavy Attack
  • Can be performed from 100ms to 500ms during Front Dodge and Front Double Dodge
  • Initiates Chains

Developer’s comment: This new option should help Shinobi have a proper mixup between Front Dodge Kick and this new attack which is feintable.

Front Roll

  • Now chains to Flip Kick earlier
  • Now chains to Sickle Rain
  • Now can be target-swapped
  • Now has extra forward movement
  • Now 600ms of invulnerability frames (iframes)
  • No longer Guardbreak Invulnerable
  • Now lasts 900ms total
  • Now leads to Double Dodge at same timing as Flip Kick and Sickle Rain

Developer’s comment: Front Roll is accessible after using Ranged Heavy attacks. These changes ensure that Shinobi has a mixup available when performing Front Roll, with Flip Kick or Side Sickle Rain, opponents will need to make a read as to how to approach this situation.

We’ve also improved the properties of Front Roll; since it now has generous iframes, it can be used more often with less risk of being punished.

Flip Kick

  • Now leads to a new guaranteed combo Heavy Attack
  • Now target-swappable

Developer’s comment: Flip Kick is now a chain extender; the new combo Heavy Attack chains to Sickle Rain, providing extra mixups.

Sprint Attack

  • Replaced Sliding Kick with a new Sprint Attack
  • New option is still a Melee attack but no longer unbalances opponents
  • New option now chains to Combo Heavy Attack on hit

Developer’s comment: This new Sprint Attack is both less frustrating to play against and also adds another layer of mixups to Shinobi by letting them push forward with the Combo Heavy Attack.

New option: Combo Heavy Attack

  • Accessible by pressing Heavy Attack after Flip Kick and Sprint Attack
  • Chains to Sickle Rain

Developer’s comment: This new option lets Shinobi deal reliable damage after two of their Melee options, and opens up new venues to go to Sickle Rain.

Back Flip

  • Is now 900ms (up from 600ms)
  • Now has 600ms of iframes
  • Is no longer Guardbreak Invulnerable
  • No longer chains to Ranged Attacks
  • Now chains to Flip Kick
  • Now chains to Light Finishers and Sickle Rain
  • Now initiates Double Dodge

Developer’s comment: This new iteration of Back Flip should help Shinobi use Back Flip to counter attacks more efficiently with branchings to Flip Kick and extended iframes.


  • Double Dodge can no longer dodge backwards
  • Double Dodge now costs 6 stamina

Developer’s comment: Shinobi was able to create too much distance too quickly with back Double Dodge; with this change, Shinobi can still use Double Dodge to create horizontal space with their opponents, but shouldn’t become impossible to reach.


  • Teleport is no longer automatic; it must be performed by pressing Guardbreak during a Deflect
  • Teleport now chains to Heavy Finishers

Developer’s comment: This change makes Shinobi more in-line with other heroes that can Deflect and removes automatic Teleport to make sure players have a choice to perform the action or not, depending on the situation.

Teleport Kick

  • No longer guaranteed after a Teleport
  • Ranged Heavy Attack is now always guaranteed

Developer’s comment: Shinobi was dealing too much damage after a Deflect; with this, the hero is more in line with his new identity where a landed Deflect now enables a mixup with Teleport Kick and Undodgeable Sickle Rain.

Shadow Strike

  • Now chains to Teleport Kick
  • Now chains to Sickle Rain
  • Extended the input window to make the move easier to perform

Developer’s comment: Similarly to Deflect, Shinobi now gains new mixup options after a successful Parry.

Zone Attack

  • Now costs 15-15-10 Stamina (down from 17-17-21)
  • Can now Back Flip at the same timing as Feint
  • 3rd hit has less Knockback
  • Now chains to Sickle Rain

Developer’s comment: These changes to Zone Attack should help make it more usable; it can now initiate mixups with Back Flip, can chain to Sickle Rain, and has a much lower stamina cost.

Smoke Bomb

  • Changed the effect of Smoke Bomb to an immediate AoE blast that Stuns enemies on launch for 5.0s
  • Removed the effect that prevented Locking onto other Players
  • Removed the effect that prevented using Interactions (Revive, Zipline, switches, etc)
  • Removed the effect that prevented Enemy Players inside to contest Capture Points
  • Removed the effect that prevented Soldiers and Pikeman from attacking
  • Removed the effect that granted the caster a 10% Speed Boost Modifier for 10s
  • Removed the effect that granted the Stealth Modifier while in the AoE
  • Removed the effect that cleansed the "Scout" and "Marked for Death" effects on the caster

Developer’s comment: Smoke Bomb had a huge variety of properties that lead to many strange, buggy, or frustrating interactions. Especially notable is that it had a negative effect on our control scheme, where the Lock and Parry rules changed while under the effects of a Smoke Bomb. As we recognize For Honor is pioneering in group fight-based melee genre, it’s unproductive to have something so directly and frequently damaging to our control scheme.

For this reason, we’ve cut out everything that was never going to work, such as loss of Lock rules, inability to Parry, and the weird editing of the Capture Point rules.

We’ve only retained the visual Stun effect on launch of the feat, to keep the fantasy of dropping a Smoke Bomb, but still allowing players to fight through the smoke.

Also, this should reduce the frustration when fighting Orochi players who run Kiai & Smoke Bomb.



  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Warlord, when changing Stance, to be stuck waiting 300ms before being able to enter Full Block Stance.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where dodging Demon Embrace would neither apply a Revenge Tag or feed Revenge. (FH-2509)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where Shugoki would pass through the floor and die if performing “Demon Embrace” in stairs versus an enemy that is activating Revenge

Jiang Jun

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Jiang Jun to slide on left stick direction input during attack opener miss recoveries. (FH-2515)

  • [Bug Fix] Kill Streaks AFTER reaching maximum Kill Streak (Godlike) now give the same bonus rewards as the maximum Kill Streak (previously they gave no extra reward)

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where Female Hitokiri's right thumb is awry. (FH-2845)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Excessive camera shake on Berserker's “Move It Along” execution. (FH-2845)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where grey texture would appear on Shinobi’s “Death’s Shadow” or Satsuki Helm. (FH-2703)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where the camera during Shugoki’s “Smash” execution has a point of view issue. (FH-2631)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where opponent's head pops off to early during Highlander's “Intent to Behead” execution. (FH-2595)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where Orochi's “Seijuro's Finesse” execution usually caused camera shake issues. (FH-2551)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where the Fauld on the back of Shuten Alternate would lose physics. (FH-2557)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where Jiang Jun's Tianjin Blade changes color with skin color. (FH-2503)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue in which the secondary color displayed incorrectly on Wugimai chest piece. (FH-2505)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where Warden's neck is visible through the Horkos Phantom Effect. (FH-2372)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where the "Vithar Chest" on female Raider had a patch of skin that didn't change color under the chest wrap. (FH-2590)

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