Mentors Guild

A community program created in 2017 to recognize leaders from the Assassin's Creed community. Mentors Guild members enjoy a variety of resources to support them with all they do to show their passion for our games!


1. Codes, Codes, Codes
Running a charity? A giveway to grow your channel, perhaps? We got you! We have keys to the game and in-game rewards that you can provide for your own community.

2. Early-Access Information and Assets
A sneak peek at what is to come to Assassin's Creed, including gameplay, information, and assets.

3. Exclusive Opportunities
Dedicated interview and discussion opportunities with developers for your content creation, whether it's for a podcast, a stream, or a video.

4. Events and Workshops
Meet other Mentors and developers in person and online, and give us your feedback to help shape Assassin's Creed.