Just Dance 2020 : Tips & Tricks

Start your Just Dance journey on the right foot!

1. Pictograms and Lyrics

Pictograms are made to help you anticipate moves, but if you want to dance without them, you can disable them through the Settings in the Profile tab. You can also disable the lyrics if you want to have a clear screen when you are dancing. Don't worry, you can enable both of them again whenever you want.

2. Song Difficulty

Do you want to know a song's difficulty level before playing it? Look for the number of bars on the right hand side of the song’s title. The more bars there are, the more difficult the song might be. Be aware that these difficulty indicators are not absolute. They are here to help you, but don't hesitate to try new songs and judge the difficulty for yourself!

3. Alternate and Extreme Versions

You can unlock an Alternate Version of selected songs by dancing five times to the original version. You can also unlock Extreme Versions of certain songs by scoring Superstar (at least 11, 000 points) in their original version.

4. Exercise with Sweat mode

Turn on Sweat mode by pressing the shortcut in the Songs, Search or Playlists tab. A calorie counter will help you keep track of calories you've burned! Once Sweat mode is activated, you can look at the indicator next to the songs' titles to see how intense they are. This indicator is here to help you, but feel free to try different songs to see what's best for you.

5. Co-op Mode

Discover the new Co-op mode! You and your friends can dance and share the same score! On the Coach selection screen before a song, activate the Co-op mode next to the "DANCE!" shortcut. You can still obtain the song's rewards in this mode. Note that you can't be in Co-op mode and Sweat mode at the same time.

6. All Stars Mode

Are you ready to celebrate 10 years of Just Dance? Here comes the All Stars mode! Travel accross planets with the panda to dance to songs from the different Just Dance opuses. You can even unlock an exclusive Just Dance 2020 song at the end of your journey! To find the All Stars mode, press the "Back" shortcut until you reach the Game Mode screen, where you can also enter the Kids mode.

7. World Dance Floor

Do you want to dance with people from around the world, compete with players from multiple countries, and discover exclusive modes? Try the World Dance Floor on the Home tab! Watch for the Happy Hours, a time when you can dance to Just Dance Unlimited songs for free! The Happy Hours happen every day during in-game events, or occasionally during the week.