To the Faire! Track Pack Out November 21


Previously we journeyed to the future for the Back to the Fusion track pack. Now, like a badass animated samurai named Jack, we gotta go back, back to the past! For the second Trials Rising track pack, To the Faire! We will travel to a renaissance fair for 5 all new tracks from the Redlynx Level Designers.

Groundhog Returns

To the Faire! doesn’t just take us back in time with its medieval theme, it also revisits a classic concept from the breakout hit Trials HD in the tracks, Groundhog Training (Easy), Groundhog Again (Medium) & Groundhog Forever (extreme). The Groundhog concept is simple, 3 drivelines side by side in the same area with each line becoming increasingly more difficult. While elements of these tracks will feel familiar to Trials HD players, these aren’t obstacle for obstacle remakes of the original track drivelines. There are new obstacles and timesavers to navigate in your quest for leaderboard glory.

Groundhog isn’t all there is to enjoy at the Faire. Feudal Fun (Easy) is a fast, flowy track, good for any up and coming riders looking to earn a Knighthood, and Faire Play (Medium) brings out the physics for some fun obstacles and devious traps.

Suit up in whatever armor you find appropriate and get ready to ride, the To the Faire! track pack releases this Thursday, November 21st for Trials Rising on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and now also Google Stadia.