Trials Rising – The Back to the Fusion track pack is now available!

In season 3 we are taking players back to the future with new content inspired by Trials Fusion.


This Thursday, November 7th, some fresh Fusion flavor will be hitting both the gear store and the world map in Trials Rising. Let’s take a look at what the future holds.


First up, futurize your Mantis with the shiny Robo Bike skin. This legendary bike skin has all the sharp lines and cutting edge features you need to make any Tech Enthusiast happy.


The Back to the Fusion track pack invites you to travel back to the world of tomorrow with an all new set of 5 tracks inspired by original concept art created for Trials Fusion. These tracks utilize the new tools available in Trials Rising to put an all new spin on Fusion’s future. Visit familiar locations as you have never seen them before, brilliantly reimagined by the level design team at Ubisoft Redlynx.


Track Packs are mini stand-alone events available throughout the world of Trials Rising. Each Track Pack will have its own leaderboard and track pack tracks do not contribute to the global leaderboards of Trials Rising. Compete with your friends and Trials players around the globe to see who will rule the future. The Back to the Fusion Track Pack will be found on the world map in Antarctica just below the southern tip of South America and can be unlocked for 35 Acorns.


Back to the Fusion is just the start for new tracks in November. The To the Faire! medieval themed track pack will also be releasing in just a few short weeks. Until then (when we’re not practicing the robot for our victory dances), we’ll see you on the leaderboards.