Anno 1800™ Botanica

Continue your Anno 1800™ adventure with the new Botanica DLC. Earn new rewards and transform your island with flourishing gardens and a bandstand.

Grow your city's attractiveness with a beautiful botanical garden, allowing you to earn new items and rewards as the floral masterpiece captivates tourists. You may also build a new bandstand and enjoy beloved tracks from previous Anno games.

The Music Pavilion – Enjoy the Symphony Orchestra

You created stunning museum areas and zoo grounds, but we always thought that one piece was missing, a true highlight in your cultural wonderland. The new Music Pavilion is the perfect gathering place for tourists and residents to listen to an orchestra playing symphonies of classic Anno themes while the sunset paints the metropole in a scenic light. Once you found the five music notes containing themes from Anno 1701, 1404, 2205, 2070 as well as the “modern” classic from 1800, you can play them at any time to listen to the orchestra while taking a break from extensive trade route management. The Music Pavilion itself is not limited to the botanical garden; you can build one in each zoo, museum, or garden. Socketing music tracks will also provide an attractiveness buff to certain sets in cultural buildings.

And here comes our second Season Pass DLC: Botanica, in numbers

- 21 unique botanical modules

- 1 glasshouse module

- 11 unique ornaments modules (such as flower beds and topiaries, usable with all cultural buildings)

- 9 new sets for your botanical garden, consisting of a total of 59 plants items

- The new Music Pavilion, which can be constructed in every cultural building

- The Music Pavilion comes with 5 music tracks from the classic themes of Anno 1701, 1404, 2070, 2205 and 1800

Enjoy this new Anno 1800 content: DLC2