Easter Event

Play from April 11 to April 22 and get exclusive rewards.


Season 1: The Race is on is up and running and we couldn’t be more excited! With this season, not only are we bringing you multiplayer rewards, but also our very first Trials in-game event.

Events in Trials will occur every season and will last around two weeks. Each event will have a specific theme and can bring new features, customisation items, and contracts.

The very first event is our Easter Event. From April 11 to April 22, keep your eyes on the Ubisoft Club for a special challenge. The Easter Bunny has come to Trials and hidden secret collectibles in 10 of our Trials Rising tracks for you to find. Collect them all to earn the exclusive Chicken Helmet!

During this time, we will also be including some very special Easter-themed customisation items in our seasonal Gear Crates and in the Gear Store that you won’t be able to get during any other time. These items include the Easter Bunny outfit, Moai Headlight, and six Easter-themed helmet accessories.

So get out there, Riders, and get Easter Egg hunting!