Secret Mode

With Trackmania Turbo, brand new modes have been introduced to the Trackmania Universe. These new modes are available thanks to a secret option in the Multiplayer menu.

The different Secret Modes are:

  • - Smash: Smash the accelerate button to go as fast as possible
  • - Stunt: Make some tricks with both analogue sticks to gain boost. Use the boost with L1/LB button to let your opponent see your rear lights
  • - Monoscreen: Unique camera, the goal is to stay on the screen to keep as many lives as possible
  • - Bonus: Bonuses are awarded when passing a checkpoint. Use them with L1/LB to disrupt your opponents’ progress

The Fun modifier enables you to catch up the other players, with the Pro modifier, it’ll be disabled.
To play these modes, once you’ve clicked on “Secret” in the Multiplayer menu, you must enter a combination of three buttons:


Following the combination, you’ll be able to play one of the Bonus modes in Arcade, Hotseat or Splitscreen (except for the Monoscreen mode).


You’ll have loads of new ways to have fun with your friends on the couch!