5 May 2022

2 Min Read

Session Notes - May 6th

Remember that Insider Sessions is covered by NDA which prohibits the recording/capturing/sharing of XDefiant visually. Insider Sessions is in-progress content that we are still working on.


Thank you everyone for testing out the new game mode Team Deathmatch last week! For this week, we do not have a dedicated focus, so feel free to give us all the general or niche feedback you have.

Do not forget party invitation system is back! Players who have been previously approved to Insider Sessions can invite five of their friends! Use this link: XDefiantFriendInvite

Patch Notes


  • Resolved an issue where sometimes a player would not join party after accepting invite

  • Resolved an issue where players could not join or parties after being in the game for more than a few minutes


  • Fixed an issue that can cause being stuck in a loading sequence


  • Resolved an issue where part of weapon appeared floating after firing weapon


  • Temporarily disabled the incendiary round passive for Cleaners

This Week

This week features:

  • Game Modes: Occupy, Domination, Zone Control

  • Maps: Arena, Liberty, Dumbo, Times Square

This Week’s Focus

  • Focus: No focus for this week, so give us all the feedback you have!

For a list of known issues and to report any bugs you encounter, please check our Bug Reporter Tool. For more information and to provide feedback, please join us on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Discussions.