New Watch Dogs: Legion books available now

Watch Dogs: Legion takes players to a near-future dystopic London, which is under state surveillance, and is overrun by private military and organized crime. In order to save London from its impending downfall, players must rally up members to join the Resistance and fight to liberate the city.

With such an immersive world at their fingertips, players can now expand their DedSec experience with Watch Dogs: Legion – Zero Day and Watch Dogs: Legion – Resistance Report.

WDL novel in-article image

In Watch Dogs: Legion – Zero Day, the official prequel novel published by Aconyte Books, readers learn of a murderous scheme that threatens to unravel DedSec and further plunge London into dark chaos. Fotis Prasinis, Watch Dogs: Legion Product Manager from Ubisoft Toronto, asks “What happens when ordinary people from all walks of life get caught in a conspiracy that can drastically change a city?”

The story of Watch Dogs: Legion – Zero Day, brings this aspect to life and follows four different Londoners in a heart-ponding journey. As Fotis states “Our near-future dystopian London is the perfect canvas for stories with high, personal stakes; the writers did a fantastic job in taking our world and bringing relatable protagonists to life.” Fans can unveil the full mystery of Watch Dogs: Legion – Zero Day today and order a copy of the novel here.

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Watch Dogs: Legion – Resistance Report, published by Insight Editions, is the ultimate in-world companion book which provide readers with a detailed look into the world of Watch Dogs: Legion and the technological nightmare London has become. Fotis, who also helped with the development of this lore book, explains “We wanted to provide a valuable and entertaining companion to our fans. The Resistance Report expands on the setting, timeline and history of our fictional near-future London”.

Packed with enticing text and exclusive artwork, Watch Dogs: Legion – Resistance Report provides an overview of key aspects of the game’s universe; “By putting together never-before-seen art pieces, narrative backstories, and a separate story highlighting the future of our dystopian London, we created a book that provides a deep dive into Watch Dogs: Legion,” Fotis states.

Packed with illustrated research files and profiles on London’s boroughs, factions, vehicles, weapons, and technology, Watch Dogs: Legion – Resistance Report is sure to please all those looking to take back London. Fans can order their copy of the Watch Dogs: Legion – Resistance Report here.


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