Pure, Fun and Simple

TrackMania² goes far beyond traditional driving games.

Game Overview

A Tropical Island Paradise

Race in a stunning tropical environment optimized to run on most PC’s.

Crazy Tracks Design For Extreme Racing

Experience intense speed, sky-high roller coaster, slippery handling on wood,
off-road and beach driving, absurd jumps, bouncing water, and more.

6 Game Modes

Time Attack, Round, Team, Cup, Laps, and a new official team game mode,
Chase, tasking players to synchronize.

Worldwide Connected Solo Campaign

Enjoy the exclusive 65 tracks solo campaign. Win medals and progress in
official worldwide and regional ranking.

Innovative & Free Online Multiplayer Channel

Play with your friends and the community on the game's dedicated channel,
a free and easy-to-access online gaming system with matchmaking and
worldwide ranking.

A Very Active Community

Discover content and activities created by fellow players.

Local Play

Challenge your friends with the hotseat and local network modes.

Enhanced Creative Freedom

Use new powerful ingame instruments and share content using the new
Mesh Modeler, Libraries, Title editors, the classic tracks editor, car painting
tool and upgraded programing tools.

In-Game Video Studio

Edit TV-quality highlights of races and upload directly to youtube.

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TrackMania² Lagoon

TrackMania² Lagoon is the fourth environment in the TrackMania² series and is now available for PC on the ManiaPlanet® digital distribution platform.

Release Date:

23 May 2017







TrackMania² Lagoon is rated

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