1 January 2022

The Settlers IV History Edition

Experience the beauty and wonder of 'The Settlers' world with a total of 4 playable races: the Romans, the Vikings, the Mayans and the Trojans. Face the thread of the Dark Tribe and his leader Morbus. Resist this menace by building up a successful economy and collecting the resources needed to be victorious in battle. Includes "The Settlers IV", "The Settlers IV Mission CD", "The Settlers IV: The New World" and the add-on "The Settlers IV -- The Trojans and the Elixir of Power".


  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Ubiservices and Uplay integration
  • Supports up to 4K resolution
  • Multiscreen support
  • Complete version (including all Add-Ons)
  • Supports multiplayer with Ubiservices including new UI flow
  • List of public games hosted by other players
  • Implemented auto save functionality
  • New settings menu including
    • Language selection (English, French, German)
    • Auto save
      • Checkbox on / off
      • Time 5 / 15 / 30 /45 / 60 minutes
    • Graphic options
      • Full screen window
      • Window
      • Vsync
      • Texture quality
        • Low
        • High
  • In game options menu adjusted (removed options that are now present in the setting menu)
  • Updated mouse controls to actual RTS standards (removed inverted scrolling)


  • English
  • German
  • French