24 July 2019

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State of the Game Recap – Episode 1 Out Now, TU5 Fixes, and New Apparel Event (7/24)

State of the Game was back this week to give you the latest updates on The Division 2. It was a big week for new content:

  • Episode 1 is now live for Year 1 Pass holders and coming next week (7/30) for all players.
  • Title Update 5 and Apparel Event 3, Heat Wave, are now live.

Read on for a deeper recap of the topics discussed this week, or check out the stream below for the full details. State of the Game streams every Wednesday at 8:00AM PDT on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. (To find out what was covered in the last episode, make sure to check out the previous State of the Game Recap.)

Episode 1 is available now for Year 1 Pass holders

  • All balance changes are live for all players.
  • The two new main missions and the first Investigation Area of Kenly College in Expeditions mode are now available for Year 1 Pass owners.
  • Two new Classified Assignments are live as well.
  • Year 1 Pass early access will continue until July 30, when all content will be unlocked for all players (except the Year 1 Pass-exclusive Classified Assignments).

Apparel Event 3, Heat Wave, is now live

  • The event started yesterday, but the first week is ongoing until Thursday, August 1
  • You can get your free key right now, and changes have been made to allow players to collect their one free key throughout the event. You will still need to login before the end of the event on August 15.
  • Year 1 Pass owners are also getting three additional free keys!
  • More event details:
    • You can now earn keys from Field Proficiency Caches, Dark Zone Proficiency Caches, and the Apparel Project, as well as buying them with Premium Credits.
    • You can earn free keys until August 14.
    • After August 15, you still have seven days until the maintenance on August 22 to buy keys with Premium Credits and spend any leftover keys.
    • If you do not earn all apparel items before August 22, you won't be able to get the full uniform.

TU5 Known Issues

  • Defender Drone is too strong in PvP.

    • The development teams at Redstorm and Massive are looking into this right now.
  • Crafting Benches not upgrading to 500.

    • Some players do not have the ability to upgrade their bench, even though they are at WT5 and have had the previous upgrade. The issue is being investigated.
    • Some players are prompted to do the Tidal Basin project even though they are in WT5 already. Replaying Tidal Basin can help the issue.
    • The dev team is aware that the UI is somewhat confusing, which might cause some players to fail upgrading the bench. When selecting the upgrade, you will be prompted to select two high-level items that will be deconstructed. If you do not properly select the gear and weapon, you can receive an error.
    • Some players are reporting that they cannot scroll in the gear/weapon selection screen. The dev team is reviewing.
  • Theatre Settlement downgraded to Level 3

    • This seems to be a visual bug and the rewards from upgrading the Settlement are still working. A fix is currently in the works.
  • Firefly max target mod is not working currently but will be fixed soon.

  • Blueprints don't show up as rewards in Projects and on Control Points. This is a visual bug, and you'll receive your blueprint regardless.

  • Some players are reporting that their collectibles – especially phone audio recordings – have been reset and that some can't be picked up.

  • The monorail in the Zoo has a bug that doesn't require all players to be ready or giving a warning before driving away. The team is working on a fix.

  • Performance, audio, and other issues:

    • Please try to be as detailed as you can when reporting performance and audio issues on the official Ubisoft support site, including your platform, hardware (also headphones and software), when the issues are happening, how often they are happening, and if they always happens in certain situations.
  • Raid Leaderboards not showing the number of raids completed anymore.

    • The team will give you an update as soon as they can.

Signature Weapon Skins

  • You can now buy exotic skins for the Signature Weapons with Premium Credits.

Until next time,

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