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24 March 2020

4 Min Read

Agent Highlights: Warlords of New York

Greetings Agents,

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 - Warlords of New York is now live on all platforms including Google Stadia which released on March 17th. Agents have been busy hunting down Aaron Keener and are now working to shut down a network of rogue agents in our first Season – Shadow Tide.

This month you have shown us your agents in New York with a lot of stunning captures in photo-mode and The Division team have been delighted with what we are seeing.

Agent Highlights | Team Favorite Divider

This month as a team, we could not choose a favorite between a mindblowing photo-shoot and an outstanding fan-made comic which were both inspired by Warlords of New York. So, great news! We are showing you them both.

@Matunoki7 has drawn and put together a small comic in celebration of Warlords Of New York and we wanted to show the process. The level of detail is outstanding. You can also check here.

TCTD2 - WarlordsofNewYorkComic Process

TCTD2 Agent Highlights - Comic 1

TCTD2 Agent Highlights - Comic 2

Our second favorite highlight came from @moonlight1907 posing as the famous Hunter together with Cosplayer @nohopeoutthere as a Rogue Agent. We could not believe our eyes when we saw how well everything came together. The photo was by both @cosplay_scp048 and @Wolnir_w. We cannot wait for the new photoshoot that has been planned!

TCTD2 Agent Highlights Cosplay Anatoliy

Agent Highlights | Cosplay Divider

Who said that cosplay was just for humans? Here we have Kotaro the SHD doggo in costume and ready to take to the streets of New York. We can confirm that “Brave is all you need” Thank you @C4_aka_Ramzy

TCTD2 SHD Doggo Agent Highlights

Next up we have @PhantomBladeCos showing en getting up to with Ario Productions. It is clear to see that adventure is important for this agent. Keep up the great shots!

TCTD2 Agent Highlights Phantom Cosplay

We saw multiple iterations of @AgentCivi fighting between choosing the side of The Division or going Rogue. The photo’s and edits from VIPJSVIP were chilling and endearing.

“Hit them when they’re not expecting it. When they’re vulnerable. Hit them so hard they’ll never come near you again”

TCTD2 Agent Highlights Agent C

Agent Highlights | Fanart Header

We love to see what people are creating whilst being inspired by The Division and we especially love to see the shots taken within Photo Mode. This continues to be one of the most loved features in the game and here below you will be able to see why:

@Leopardsang took some very atmospheric photo’s showing the devastation left after the storm in New York. The eeriness is visible and chilling.

TCTD2 Agent Highlights New York Streets

TCTD2 Agent Highlights New York Bridge

It is also worth mentioning that the community is great for coming together to deliver information to other players, and on Reddit, SirPurplex has created brand info for the update in Warlords of New York. This was both appreciated by The Division Team and by fans alike. Great work Agent!

TCTD2 Agent Highlights Brand Infographic

We really thought that Kinya @BabaGraPL really caught the beauty and atmosphere of the streets of New York and would like to share some stunning shots. Be sure to check out their portfolio showcasing some of their top shots.

TCTD2 Agent Highlights Photo Collage

That is what Dagger-6 Art created depicting a moment with a Division agent and the Outcast enemies. You can find the step by step process here.

TCTD2 Agent Highlights - Outcast artwork

That’s it for this month Agents. We hope you have enjoyed the return to New York.

If you would like to be featured in next month’s Agent Highlights article, don’t forget to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlights.

Until next time,

/The Division Community Team

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