4 November 2021

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Agent Highlights – Let’s ward off that chill!


It’s finally sweater -and beanie- weather! And once again we bring you Agent Highlights, where we shine the spotlight onto the amazing creations the community has shared with us during October.

So, grab a blanket and get cosy as we dive into the Agent Highlights for October!

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Sometimes you need to do a double or triple take to make sure a virtual photograph is not a real-world photo, and this is certainly the case. CaffeinatedWC managed to capture the perfect location and lighting in a way both aesthetically pleasing and realistic. We love shots like these.


We are fans of hype_and_space’s clean lines and love for New York’s Warlords. In these matching works, we can see some skilful interpretations of what Javier Kajika and Theo Parnell look under the masks. Click on the link to also check out a great fan art of Aaron Keener!

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EidolonFox brings us a cosplay of her The Division OC , Agent RED. She 3D printed the wolf mask and customized it herself, and it looks amazing! We love the general aesthetic of the character and the red and white colour scheme! You can find more details of the mask over here.


We wanted to highlight the great attention to detail in this cosplay. We love to see all the gear and the amount of work that goes into putting together an agent’s loadout. We think honobonodeizu is ready to face any challenge.

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Ricfernand understands that sometimes you just have to play in style! The clean cut-outs and placement make for an impressive casemod. Amazing job, agent!

Because it’s more than just cosplay, we wanted to feature this cosplay story in our Fan Creations section. The team at Butrix Productions have weaved a great narrative by use of flawless cosplay, great set, and perfect sound effects and voiceover. They mention there’s more to come and we can’t wait to see it!

Agent Highlights | Team Favourite Divider resized


You’ve seen Cosband United Nations featured before with their amazing cosplay and this month we had to congratulate Agent Likador and Agent Dina on their wedding! True to their nature, there were some lovely Division details that we cannot help but “aww” at. We wish you all the best, agents!

That is all for this month!

As always, remember to tag your creations with #AgentHighlights for a chance to be featured in one of these articles – and check out the tag to see all the works being shared by the community!
Signing off,

/ The Division Community Team

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