12 June 2020

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This Week in The Division 2 - June 12

Season 1 – Shadow Tide for The Division 2 – Warlords of New York draws to a close in its final days and will officially end on June 15. This means you’ve only got a few days left to obtain and claim all the available rewards from Season 1. We cover everything that you need to know about the Season ending in our recent wrap up article.

But don’t fret, Agents. The next day, June 16, will bring the highly anticipated Title Update 10! The PTS for TU10 closed on Wednesday June 10, and the past 3 weeks have seen 3 phases, dozens of improvements and fixes including buffs to nearly every single weapon and Exotic, and hundreds of comments and conversations that let us know what you thought on a wide variety of topics. We can’t thank you enough for your participation throughout the PTS! The Patch Notes for TU10 will be available on Monday, June 15 on our official forums.

Hot on the heels of TU10 will be the beginning of Season 2, which will start 1 week later, on June 23. Season 2 – Keener’s Legacy will bring 12 weeks of in-game activities and will feature a new Manhunt, new Exotics in the form of the Mantis sniper rifle and the Vile Mask, the new Gear Set Eclipse Protocol, a Brand set named Walker, Harris & Co., Global Events, Leagues, cosmetics, a new Healing Trap skill variant, and much more!

As a reminder, Season 2 is free for all those that own the Warlords of New York expansion. The Season 2 Pass that allows for additional apparel rewards, such as the Season Outfit, and Season gear caches is an optional purchase attached to Season 2.

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Priority Alerts:


The release of the long-awaited Raid is fast approaching and we want to help provide some information before it arrives.

  • The Level 40 version of the raid will become available on June 30th, followed by the level 30 version the following week.
  • Free for all players of any game edition and neither Warlords of New York nor the Year 1 Pass are needed to play it.
  • New exclusive rewards including new gear sets and exotics.
  • Operation Iron horse will require 8 players in 2 groups of 4 to play, just like Operation Dark Hours and will demand high skills and strong builds from every one of them.
  • A Discovery mode version of the raid will also become available in a future client update.

We will have more information and specifics to share as we get closer to the release date.

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The content of Season 2 will be missing localized audio for non-English languages on release due to the logistical difficulties of creating high quality content while prioritizing the well-being of our teams, including our voice actors. Getting this content properly implemented into the game will be one of our top priorities as soon as it is safe to pursue. You can read our full statement on the topic here.

To clarify; different collectibles containing audio can still be found in the world, and localized subtitles for the content will still appear – just no audio. Things like audio logs can be replayed manually from the Collectibles menu and we will be sure to inform you when that content is available in the game.

That’s it for this week!

Until next time,

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