31 January 2020

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Agent Highlights: New Year, New Missions!

Greetings Agents,

New beginnings and new missions await! As we enter yet another year of service as part of The Division, the call to action has never been more potent. Take a look at our Agent Highlights for January, ushering in 2020 with spectacular content from our agents!


The first cosplay for January is from Agent Mab, showcasing their ability to stay centred and calm under pressure.


Things can get chaotic out in the field. Staying zen while on-mission is a must, so it’s a good job Agent Mab has mastered emoting this ability!

Next up is OttoSimmer, who is giving us a glimpse into the preparation stage of Division fieldwork. Preparedness is a vital ingredient for a successful agent.


Patience is a virtue, and evidently OttoSimmer knows this!

Lastly, we have an intimidating entry from Moonlight. Wreathed in snow, this hunter cosplay strikes an imposing presence.


If you aren’t careful, they’ll put you on ice!

Fan Art

To kick off the year in Fan Art, we have this wonderful piece by TChen114, which shows a Division agent packing some serious firepower.


The art’s primarily black and white colouring allows the smaller details, highlighted by the distinctive token orange of the Division, to stand out.

Next up, we have a curious encounter with an aquatic animal! Agent Cari encountered this turtle plushie while out on a mission.


Using photo mode, Cari was able to frame the little turtle in remarkable light, accentuating the plight of this lost cuddly character.

Fan Creations

First in our creations for this month’s highlights is the talented Compassghost. They’ve managed to expand their armoury with two new additions!


They have managed to create both the Manhunt Mk17 and the Midnight Sky Model 700 Carbon! The attention to detail is phenomenal.

Our second fan creation brings together several agents and the format used is GIF!

UnitNations highlights three excellent agent cosplays, capturing the precision of their formation and readiness.

Team Favourite

This month’s Team Favourite is a replica of the famed Chatterbox, which looks like the real deal! SHD_Umbra shared their progress on this, their latest project, and the articulated detail looks amazing.


So, that’s January’s Agent Highlights in the books, and what a start to the year it was! We can’t wait to see what you’ll get up to going forward, agents.

If you find yourself out in the field and discover or create something you’re proud of, tweet us your creations using the hashtag #AgentHighlights.

Happy New Year!

/The Division Community Team

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