10 September 2020

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UBI Forward – The Division 2: The Road Ahead


Ubisoft Forward was a great time for us to show you our future updates which will be coming as soon as this month. Here is a quick run-down of what we covered.


Title Update 11 introduces a new highly replay-able PvE game mode (The Summit), as well as Season 3, Appearance Mods; a feature that allows for greater customization of your agents, new weapons & gear and Agnostic Mods; a change that will open up gear mod slots to mods of any color. Additionally, we will also have a fix to address ‘Rainbow Loot,’ which will give all gear drops a higher weighted chance for their first non-core attribute to match the same color as the item’s core.

Title Update 11 is set to release on September 22nd.


Season 3 begins a new manhunt, with a new set of targets becoming available for you to track down and defeat. Bardon Schaeffer, the elusive leader of the Black Tusk, has recruited four agents to form a new rogue cell. The Division must now track down the high value target, Schaeffer, by neutralizing each of the rogue members of his cell and find out what exactly Schaeffer is plotting. As agents progress through the season, they will earn new gear and rewards including a new skill variant, exotics, new gearset, outfit and cosmetics as well as being engaged in new weekly activities such as Leagues, Global Events and Apparel Event.

Bardon Schaeffer Poster 960x540


We are excited to present you with a new PvE Game Mode, The Summit!

Agents can take on the challenge of ascending a 100-story building where each floor aims to challenge your skill and resolve as an agent of The Division. The Summit is a highly replayable game mode intended to challenge all The Division agents, regardless of your preferred difficulty. The Summit will have you go up against all the factions of The Division 2 during your ascent, and mastering it will allow you to earn unique rewards including a new exotic introduced with TU11.


This mode is open to all players who have reached level 40 and have finished the Warlords of New York campaign. Read more about The Summit here.


The long-awaited Transmogrification – or Appearance mods – system will be implemented into the existing character menu. This will create opportunities to change the appearance of your gear beyond normal dye and coloration, so you can customize your agent’s look weather that be a tactical black clad mastermind or simply wanting to slip some sandals over those socks and rock the colourful unicorn look.

[TCTD2] TransmogChest2 960x540


New weapons and gear are also coming with Title Update 11, such as the Belstone Armory & Hunter’s Fury brand sets, the Backfire Exotic Submachine Gun and the Memento Exotic Backpack among others.

That is not all, TU11 will also include buffs to Hazard Protection, new weapons and named variants that utilize unique attributes rather than perfect talents, and a range of balance improvements and bug fixes.


Season 4 arrives with Title Update 12 and brings forth a new challenge as the new Prime Target is no other than Faye Lau. A familiar face has now turned against you and The Division and your mission is to stop her plans from coming to fruition.

As in previous seasons, Season 4 will introduce new seasonal activities, weapons, gear and a new skill variant to expand your agent’s arsenal. Stay tuned for more details on Season 4 nearer its release.


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be backwards compatible on both the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, allowing you to play The Division 2 on the new generation of consoles. In addition, players on the Xbox One can play with those on the Xbox Series X/S. The same applies for players on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.


As a final surprise, we have an exciting new Limited Special Event coming to The Division 2 this winter. Taking to the halls and classrooms of a repurposed Kenly College in what we are tentatively calling Codename: Nightmare, The Division 2 will be providing a unique gameplay experience that we are excited to share more about in the coming months!

//The Division 2 Team

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