7 January 2020

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Since the release of The Division 2, there have been a series of Apparel Events each offering a wide variety of cosmetic items for our players. We are committed to not only introducing new apparel going forward, but also giving you additional options for obtaining cosmetics. As a result, we have a few things to share!


There has been some feedback around receiving duplicates in Standard Apparel Caches, and we want to improve the system to address some of your frustration. Specifically, we understand that receiving XP for duplicates in Standard Caches does not feel rewarding, and we are introducing a new type of currency in place of XP in the near future. Introducing Textiles!

With every duplicate received in Standard Apparel Caches, you will automatically receive a portion of Textiles instead of XP. Once you collect enough Textiles, you will be able to use this currency to eventually make direct purchases of majority of the items on the in-game store!

We hope this upcoming change will allow you a more predictable path to obtaining some existing apparel and target specific items.

As always, you still have the option to directly purchase cosmetics with Premium Credits through the in-game store.


If you are looking for more apparel options using Premium Credits, we are providing a new type of cache containing a selection of older items. Introducing the Legacy Cache, available in-game now!

Priced at 100 Premium Credits, this is a new opportunity if you aren't necessarily targeting something specific but would like more apparel previously available. If you are, in fact, after a specific item, be sure to check out the in-game store for direct purchases!

Going forward, this cache will periodically be available for a limited time. With Apparel Event Silent Night over, the first Legacy Cache is live now for a limited time, and can be accessed within the Apparel Cache menu.

To celebrate, we are giving everyone who logs in to The Division 2 between January 7th and 14th three Legacy Cache keys! Don't forget you can also gift the Legacy Cache to friends or clan mates who are missing apparel!

Legacy Caches guarantee no duplicates, and its contents can be previewed in-game within the Cache menu. You can also read up on the contents on the official forums. A new Standard Cache pool rotation is also available, so be sure to check out the details!

/The Division 2 Team

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