2 December 2021

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Agent Highlights – November? More like Novem-brrrr

Greetings Agents, 

The holiday season is now upon us as we move into December. The last leaves are falling and it's most certainly that time of year to sit by a fire, roasting some marshmallows with a hot chocolate, or in some cases creating and sharing some Division themed cookies!  

The creativity from the community this month has been quite something to behold and we wanted to share with you what some highly creative Agents have been getting up too: 



If you need a new wallpaper for your desktop or mobile, then look no further! Coohwiip has been mixing up vibrant colours and glitch effects to bring you something different, something with a quite strong retro vibe too Well done!  

TCTD AlucardFreak
TCTD AlucardFreak2

The above virtual photos are cleverly edited by @AlucardFreak. They have labelled the set "Who's in the shadows? Who's ready to play? Are we the hunters? or are we the prey?"This set gives us the shivers and works wonderfully with the atmosphere and eeriness of the shots. Would you be ready to face this Agents? 


@laraNecro is back this month with this a new wonderful piece , entitled  "Shady Alliances". The composition of this fan art is truly amazing and you may recognise a few familiar faces such as @AgentMab@EidolonFox@PlayColdFrame and @Splintrshield - some of our dedicated cosplay community members! There are also some Easter Eggs hidden within the art itself, can you find them all?  Let us know! 

TCTD FanCreation


Community manager .... Seeking ..... Detecting ..... SEEKER MINE!  

We are finding Agent Wolf's props for their cosplay that they have been preparing and knew it was something which we should feature for this month's Agent Highlights. Not only does their cosplay look tremendous but the scenery looks like a perfect fit for The Division with all that snow, which leads us to think, is this a Seeker Mine or a snowball?  

br0kenglasss 960x540

Agent u/Br0kenglasss decided to order a custom made SHD sign , definitely an amazing gift idea, just saying!  With anticipation and excitement, it finally arrived, and it did not disappoint! Such craftsmanship and creativity has went into this design and we are in awe.  


@SplintrShield has been hard at work creating wonderful cookie cutters,definitely the perfect fit for your hot chocolate close to the fireplace this winter. We are now hungry; our mouths are watering and we are sure we are not the only one. If you had to pick, which one will you go first with Agents? 

TCTD FanCosplay


Here we have Agent Sato who is prepared to go into the contaminated areas to ensure their people are safe. The photograph was taken by @horisankameko. Each time we look at this shot we can see all of the tiny details which have gone into this outfit. Of course, our favourite is seeing Tommy keeping your backpack and weapons safe! 


@siromegane3821 was looking for enemies to ensure that the settlement was safe. Although Siromegane states that their agent is "unfinished" it is currently at "60%" completion. We are impressedof their cosplay and dedication to protecting the community. We are truly excited to see the complete look when all the accessories are completed, so please make sure to continue to tag us in #AgentHighlights.  

TCTD TeamFavourite


Each year members of the community come together to take part in a Global Christmas card swap. This year members were asked to take part in #MissionSantaSignals. Participants are paired randomly and then each agent will receive a card from one to another.  We are proud to showcase this initiative today and it is most certainly one of our favourite times of the year. We would like to thank all of those who are involved in these festive activities.  

Please note that this is a Community event run by community members. 

We hope that you have enjoyed the creativeness of the community this month! 

For the next Agent Highlight, we would love to see which festivities you are being involved in as we come to the end of 2021. If you would like to be featured in the next article, please make sure to tweet your creations with the hashtag #AgentHighlight. 

Signing out, 

/The Division Community Team.

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