12 September 2023

Regional Beta Fall test and New Launch Date

Hello Agent,

Over the past few weeks our teams have been hard at work improving upon all the valuable learnings and feedback we gathered during Phase 1 of the Regional Beta for The Division Resurgence.

Here are some of the elements that we are currently working on improving:

  • The player onboarding phase has been reworked to introduce a new "Agent Training" tutorial mission allowing players to learn and practice how to play more efficiently, and to introduce new intermission sequences allowing players to experience the multiplayer aspect of the game sooner.

  • Player progression is being overhauled with many improvements allowing for faster character level progression, more rewarding loot from missions and activities and a revised equipment power progression curve.

  • We are adding a new Armory system encouraging collection and usage of many weapons for extra benefits.

  • Improvements are being made to the open world with:  added fast travel to any world event or nest to make it easier to travel in the game world, and improved loot rewards to find by exploring the world.

We are glad to confirm that the next large-scale test of the game is coming in fall of 2023 where we are aiming to bring the game to new audiences including the US.

With this upcoming test in view, and to continue improving and optimizing the game for as many devices as possible, the worldwide launch of The Division Resurgence is now planned for early 2024.

Make sure to reach out to us with all your questions and comments on Twitter (now X) @TheDivMobile