1 December 2022

Live test incoming on December 8th

Hello Agent,

We are delighted to announce that the next live test for The Division Resurgence will take place from December 8th to December 22nd 2022 on Android devices!

This is an opportunity for a select few of you to test the game firsthand and help us gather feedback about what works and what needs improvement in the first Tom Clancy's The Division game coming to mobile devices.

What can I play in the Live Test?

The upcoming Live Test in The Division Resurgence will allow players to experience a big part of the Resurgence promise. Whether it's enjoying the story or taking part in the many open world activities waiting for you in New York City, there are plenty of ways for you to enjoy the game as a solo player or part of a team!

If you're looking for a bigger challenge, the different PvP modes will enable you to test your skills against other deadly agents, in an action-packed Conflict mode or the dreaded Dark Zone PvPvE mode.

The Dark Zone comes to mobile!

The Dark Zone of NYC (aka. "DZ"), is an area of Manhattan that has been quarantined and locked down due to higher levels of contamination and has become a veritable no-mans-land. Overrun by hostile factions and ferocious enemies, governmental groups were unable to maintain control there and have left behind lots of hardware and gear, making these streets great potential sources of high-end loot.

Within the Dark Zone you will face many enemies, all deadlier than the other, but possibly the biggest threat could be other players, turned Rogue, trying to take your loot from you.

The upcoming live test will be your first opportunity to test your skills in the Dark Zone, and you can read all about it in our dedicated Dark Zone blog post here.

Will there be an NDA?

No, the live test will not require players to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

As a player you are free to capture and share all your experiences within The Division Resurgence online through videos and screen-captures. Make sure to add #TheDivisionResurgence when sharing so we can also enjoy the show 😊

How do I register and play in the live test?

The live test will take place from December 8th to December 22nd 2022.

Register now for a chance to play: https://thedivisionresurgence.com/

If you have previously registered for the Closed Alpha then you are already registered for this playtest and don't have to register again.

Selected users will receive an email to preload the game.

The live test will be available for players in Europe at first - more regions may be added at a later date.

Do I need a Ubisoft Connect account to play The Division Resurgence?

You do not need a Ubisoft account to play The Division Resurgence. However, we recommend logging into an account to help with feedback gathering & possible consistency with subsequent testing phases.

Create or login to your account here: https://account.ubisoft.com/login

What locations, platforms and devices will be included in the live test?

The Division Resurgence live test will be available for players in select European regions at first - more regions may be added later. While this live test will take place on Android only, we aim to host future live tests on both Android and iOS in the first half of 2023 as both platforms are highly important to us.

As in our previous test we are limiting access to the game to a specific list of compatible devices to gather the most relevant feedback and to ensure the best experience possible for players.

Will players from the Closed Alpha be invited?

Yes. We value the continued support of our players and want to extend their participation from the previous Closed Alpha into this live test.

Will my progression carry over from the live test when the game is launched?

The Division Resurgence is currently in its Beta phase to enable us to test and improve many aspects of the game.

During this time, we hope to gain valuable information that will enable us to improve the player's experience within the game for the future. Parts of the game's current design decisions may shift based on the provided feedback. As such, character progression gained during the live test will be cleared at the end of this test phase.

Where can I share feedback, ask questions, and find out what is coming to The Division Resurgence?

During the live test, players will be able to get in touch to share feedback and ask questions on Twitter (@TheDivMobile), the dedicated Discord server, as well as in a survey where they can provide feedback on their experience with Resurgence.

Come and chat with us, share your feedback and find out what we have got in store for you here: https://twitter.com/TheDivMobile