20 April 2023

TCTD Franchise anniversary & Resurgence news

Happy Division Franchise anniversary Agent!

The Tom Clancy The Division franchise has just reached a new milestone and, as we are working hard on making the game ready for launch later this year, we're delighted to take this opportunity to share a quick update on The Division Resurgence with you all.

Before we start, if you haven't already, go check out the Division Day stream replay here: https://thedivisiongame.com/thedivisionday-youtube-vod

As one of the first agents who will be sent to New York, here are some of the key elements you need to know before you start your mission. Take a look at these cool items you can earn to stand out during your next DZ session!

Earn exclusive apparel by playing Division games

We know that unique cosmetic apparel grants unique street cred', which in turn helps you win more encounters (or so we're told). That is why we are pleased to announce that you will be able to claim exclusive rewards for playing in the different Division games, thanking you for your ongoing support and help as an agent.

[TDR] TD Day News - Div Cross Rewards v2b

Upcoming Regional Beta

We're very excited to announce that the next phase of testing will be coming soon, with a new test this summer! For the first time players on android as well as on iOS will be able to enjoy a large portion of the game together as a test before we launch later this fiscal year - stay tuned for more information on this test at a later date.

The summer Regional Beta will only be open to players from specific regions as well as players from our previous tests, and will be limited to compatible Android and iOS devices.

Anticipating this, it is possible that short local technical tests may be performed in specific regions in preparation for this summer.

Make sure to pre-register here for a chance to play!

[TDR] TD Day News - blog article regional beta announcement & CTAs

Rewards for our testers

We are very thankful for all the support and feedback you have provided during the closed alpha test in July 2022 and the closed beta test in December 2022 and want to reiterate our thanks by gifting you all a unique JTF cosmetic outfit.

Any player who has taken part in our tests and completed the associated missions will be granted this set on his account (UbiConnect) and will be able to enjoy this exclusive set when the game launches. If you previously obtained this set, it will automatically be credited to your account.

Finally, you'll be pleased to hear this exclusive reward can also be claimed by players taking part in the upcoming Summer Test.

[TDR] TD Day News - blog article JTF apparel reward

Stay tuned for announcements on more rewards to come!

We're looking forward to some very fun months to come, leading up to the release of the game later this fiscal year. In the meantime, do reach out to us on Twitter @TheDivMobile to share your thoughts, questions and showcase your best moments with The Division Resurgence and make sure you're pre-registered here to be the first to play!

The Resurgence Team