16 November 2022

The Crew 2 Season 7 Episode 1: Into the Storm - Patch Notes

There's a storm on the horizon, Gearheads. With inclement weather, new cars and further visual improvements, there's plenty to see in this new Season! We are also striving to continue to improve the Crew 2 experience, so be sure to check out our Quality of Life improvements that will be added now and in the near future.

For a more detailed break-down of the content released with the Crew 2 Season 7 Episode 1: Into the Storm, please refer to the Content Overview.

This update will be deployed starting from 8AM UTC / 4AM EDT on Wednesday, November 16th. The estimated maintenance duration should be around 3 hours.

Please follow our official channels for any additional update.


  • PC: approx. 32 GB.
  • PlayStation:  approx. 31 GB.
  • Xbox: approx. 33 GB.

Patch sizes may vary based on your game version.

Season Events

  • [Added] 10 new events across 2 Episodes with unique intro and outro videos.

Vanity Items

  • [Added] 86 new vanity items, 58 of those items are available in the Motorpass. These new items will be released throughout the Season in the shop, as LIVE Summit rewards, or in the Motorpass.  
    • 10 Horns
    • 13 Nitros
    • 2 Suits
    • 3 Outfit Parts
    • 8 Rooftops
    • 8 Smokes
    • 18 Tires
    • 17 Underglows
    • 7 Window tints
  • [Added] Season 1 Motorpass vanities are returning to the shop throughout the Season.
  • [Added] New type of vanity tires: Contrasting Tires that have different visuals between the front and rear wheels.
  • [Fixed] The Green Sparks Smoke vanity was producing low poly smoke when equipped on drift vehicles rather than the intended green sparks.
  • [Fixed] The Ski Underglows Spanish translation was incorrect.
  • [Fixed] Removed an unintentional fog effect on window tints when raining.
    [Fixed] The Flying Eagle rooftop is now visible when applied to the Proto Alpha Mark II in vehicle customization.


  • [Added] 17 LIVE Summits including 8 Premium LIVE Summits:

    • 4 new Premium LIVE Summits rewards
    • 4 returning Premium LIVE Summits rewards
    • 1 mooded LIVE Summit


  • [Added] 2 new Motorpasses.
  • [Added] Option to purchase the Motorpass and the Premium Motorpass in bucks.
  • [Fixed] Followers based challenges can now be completed by Icon 9999 players.

Game Mode

  • [Fixed] Season 5Stories game mode steps text is no longer displaying code when in-game language is set to Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese.

Starter Packs

  • [Added] 2 Starter Packs.

New Vehicles

  • [Added] 22 New Vehicles
  • [Fixed] The KTM 1290 Super Duke R ABS is no longer missing its RPM needle.
  • [Fixed] The Kawasaki Ninja H2 digital gauge no longer clips through the plastic housing.
  • [Fixed] The BMW S1000RR gauge no longer clips through the plastic housing.
  • [Fixed] The nitro should now come out the two central exhaust pipes on the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.
  • [Fixed] The Proto Buggy half shafts are now correctly reaching the wheelbase in the open world.
  • [Fixed] The Mitsubishi Eclipse Star Edition is no longer missing the rooftop vanity option.
  • [Fixed] On the Citroën GT, some rooftop vanity items that were clipping are now correctly displayed.
  • [Fixed] On the Mazda RX-3 and the Nissan Fairlady Z 432 (PS30) Under the Stars Edition, the camera is no longer clipping below the ground when using the underglow tab in the customization menu.


  • [Fixed] Some cars that were not correctly affected by the ice handling penalty are now doing so.

  • As a result, we are resetting the leaderboards on the Dominion Frozen events in the Street Race & Hypercar categories:

    • Dominion Frozen #1
    • Dominion Frozen #2
    • Dominion Frozen #4
    • Dominion Frozen #6
    • Dominion Frozen #8


  • [Fixed] Under certain conditions, the wheels of a limited number of cars would clip through the tarmac. Some edge-cases can persist.

  • [Added] New main menu.
  • [Added] New landing page and start menu videos.
  • [Added] New HQ Bus and new world billboard posters.
  • [Improved] Reworked events and HQ icons on the Global Map for better legibility.
  • [Improved] Reworked icons in free roaming to offer better accessibility.


  • [Added] New 3D props available in the open world.
  • [Improved] The arrows indicating a turn have been made brighter.
  • [Fixed] Building missing its bottom texture in North Chicago.
  • [Fixed] Group of floating and submerged NPCs at Malibu beach.
  • [Fixed] Ground clipping and chaotic movement when using small vehicles at the base of the platform of Ski Jump next to the American Petrol Race event.
  • [Fixed] Players can no longer clip through the wall in the Maine Highlands cave system.
  • [Fixed] Unreachable Live Crate due to the addition of the Eagle Falls Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] Building floating in the air near the Magnificent Mile Speedtrap in Chicago.
  • [Fixed] Players can no longer walk out of the Offroad HQ.


  • [Fixed] The Dominion Forsberg #1 event SAS gate is no longer floating in the air.
  • [Fixed] At 19% in the Dominion Forsberg #2 event, players are no longer getting an "Out of arena" message when driving in the tunnel.
  • [Fixed] A rock that shouldn't be on the event path in The Monuments Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] The concrete pavement is floating in the air of the Five Kings Casino Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] A light pole is clipping with the direction arrows at 4% progression in the Dominion Forsberg #6 event.
  • [Fixed] A small patch of grass is clipping through the road in the Second Track drift event.
  • [Fixed] A pole is clipping through the fence in the Dominion Frozen #2 event.
  • [Fixed] A rock is floating in the air of the Five Kings Casino Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] A sponsor pillar is clipping through the barricades at The Monuments Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] The collision is missing for the dustbin and garbage bag in the parking lot of the Five Kings Casino Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] A light pole is clipping through the barricade of the Five Kings Casino Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] A light pole is floating in the air in the Five Kings Casino Motorsport Park
  • [Fixed] Yellow parking lines are floating in the air in the parking lot of the Five Kings Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] A plastic bag is floating in the air in the parking lot of the Five Kings Casino Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] Trash and trash bins are floating in the air in the Black Rift Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] Several NPCs are clipping through the ground in the Black Rift Motorsport Park.
  • [Fixed] On the Global Map, the Dominion Forsberg #1 event cannot be found using the Motorflix tag.
  • [Fixed] Multiple NPCs are on the racetrack on the Stage 02 East event. They have been removed to ensure their safety.


  • [Fixed] Players should now correctly receive their Crew Credits in all situations after their purchase.
  • [Improved][PS5] Performance mode on PS5.
  • [Added][XSS] Performance mode on Xbox Series S.
  • [Fixed][XSX] The Thrustmaster VG TX should now work correctly on the Xbox Series X.


  • [Fixed] Typo in the description of the Fmae Mgnaet* set.
  • [Fixed] The crew is no longer disbanded when the crew leader and a member quit the game simultaneously while playing any event in a crew.
  • [Fixed] Unable to quit the game when using a keyboard and a mouse and trying to exit via the settings menu.

  • [Game Mode] After the Final Call event, the vehicle of the player can appear to be lagging in the victory video.
  • [Game Mode] The navigation ribbon can go missing for the rest of the event when the player misses the checkpoints during all Season 7 events.
  • [Game Mode] Moving police cars can have their sirens turned off during the Final Call event.
  • [Motorpass] The back button can lose its functionality when the player re-enters the Motorpass after skipping the buy "Premium Motorpass" sequence rapidly.
  • [Motorpass] The Premium Motorpass Bundle rewards are not greyed out when the player accesses the purchase tab while at tier 50.
  • [Summit] An infinite loading screen can occur when a crew member leaves the crew after accepting an event invitation in LIVE Summits.
  • [UI] Outfits that are LIVE Summits rewards are displayed as "EQUIPPED" even if not in the customization menu, instead of the "SUMMIT EXCLUSIVE" tag.
  • [UI] The HUB (News) tab screen can go black after quitting the vehicle customization menu. Switching tabs can solve the issue.
  • [UI] A "STORIES" tab can be displayed when opening the Main Menu from the LIVE Summit menu.
  • [UI] Powerboats are floating mid-air in the Main menu, forgetting the fact that they are not Powerplanes.
  • [Vanity] Previous rooftop shadow can be seen for a few seconds after switching between rooftops in the customization menu.

*Fame Magnet.

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