6 March 2024

The Crew 2 MAD Vol. 2 – Patch Notes

The MADness continues! The Crew 2 MAD Vol. 2 introduces more quality-of-life updates to the game, as well as some exciting new features to the Race Creator - you will now be able to create your own boat and plane races!
So get ready to take full control to create your dream races!

For a more detailed breakdown of the content released with The Crew 2 MAD, please refer to the Content Overview. Please follow our official channels for any additional updates.


Patch Size per platform

  • PC: 36 GB
  • PlayStation:
    • MENA: 32.8 GB
    • SCEJ: 33.4 GB
    • SCEA: 34.6 GB
    • SCEE: 35.8 GB
  • Xbox: 36.92 GB

Patch sizes may vary based on your game version.



  • [Added] 25 vanities
    • Nitros : 8 items
    • Outfits: 1 item
    • Rooftops: 1 items
    • Smokes: 10 items
    • Tires: 2 items
    • Underglows: 3 items
  • [Fixed] Forgotten Island Smoke's particules no more spawn under the ground
  • [Fixed] Smoke now function while performing Donut/Burnout
  • [Improved] Design modifications have been made to Underground Underglow and Golden Eagle Underglow


  • [Added] 8 new Bundles
    • including 2 new LIVE Summit Bundles
  • [Improved] The vanity shop now displays items that are not already owned by the player


  • [Added] 2 new summits premium.

*Note : Apart from these 2 new summits, LIVE Summits will be generated based on the *automated content rotation using the pool of existing previous summits


  • [Added] A new hobby call " The Stunt performer Volume 2", focusing on ALL MAD skills (from volume 1 and 2).


  • [Fixed] : SFX for Story completion is no longer triggered incorrectly when pining Photoquest in freedrive


  • [Fixed]: Fixed bugs where rain is visible inside abandoned buildings
  • [Fixed]: Graffiti is no more flickering in Aquapark


  • [Fixed]: The AIs doesn't get confused anymore when the player reaches 12% progression in the event Jersey Chaebung Cup Touring Car
  • [Fixed]: Wrong Text For USST2 events in Your Next Activity is fixed


  • [Added] 12 new "Mad Skills"
THE KRAKEN'S LAIRRally CrossParkour
ON THE EDGERally CrossParkour
FLY & SMASHAerobaticsBouy Smashing
FALLING TILESStreet RaceParkour
SMASH OR BE SMASHEDStreet RaceBouy Smashing
THE MEGA JUMPTouring CarJump
NO WAY BACKRally CrossParkour
SMASH ZONERally CrossBouy Smashing
IT'S A TRAP!Demolition DerbySlalom
  • [Fixed]: Ladder texture is no longer missing in the "Maze Escape" skill
  • [Fixed]: Camera stand is not clipping anymore with the asset in "Maze Escape" skill
  • [Fixed]: Mad skill tent is not clipping anymore with stage besides the skill gate of "Drift & Smash"
  • [Fixed]: Mad skill theme container assets are no longer floating in the air in The Leap skill
  • [Fixed]: Tree is not floating anymore in air near the rear end of the The Monument Climb MAD Skill
  • [Fixed]: The focus light asset is not floating anymore in the air of the skill The Perfect Spot
  • [Fixed]: MAD Skill poster is no longer clipping with the vegetation in The Monument Climb MAD Skill
  • [Fixed]: The Mad skill Flags are no longer floating in the air in Maze Escape skill
  • [Fixed]: Asset texture is no more flickering in the donut jump Mad Skill.
  • [Fixed]: Mad skill theme patch is no more present on the track near the finish gate of The Longest Jump skill
  • [Fixed]: No more blank ticket for the MADSkill DRIFTIN' POOL
  • [Fixed]: Mad skill banner has now supporting pole and floating in "The Catfish Slalom" skill
  • [Fixed]: Asset collision is now here for the camera present in the Driving test


  • [Improved]: New HUB menu, with bundle and vanities shop displayed. No more This Week in the Crew displayed on the right side.
  • [Added]: New background in profile menu
  • [Improved]: Modified profile menu with only driver and vehicles sections.
  • [Improved]: Modified activities menu with hobbies and stories added
  • [Removed]: No more seasonal highlight ticket


  • [Improved]: Race creator is possible in boats, planes & helicopters!
  • [Added]: New words and tickets
  • [Improved]: Retry will now bypass vehicle selection
  • [Fixed]: Now, all filter categories applied by players remains active when the player tries to apply conditions from two different filter categories in the "Community Races" tab of the Main Menu
  • [Improved]: The Race Creator "tutorial" displayed when arriving for the first time on the community races tab was modified to add "boat" and "plane" mentions
  • [Fixed]: Extra modifier icon is no more present on every event tickets after creating race



  • [Added] 8 new vehicles:
    • Dodge Charger R/T HEMI MAD Edition (1969)
    • Jaguar D-TYPE (1955)
    • Jaguar XE SV Project 8 (2018)
    • Jaguar XJ220 (1992)
    • Maserati GHIBLI (1969)
    • Maserati LEVANTE TROFEO (2021)
    • Mazda RX-7 Evo Group B (1985)
    • Nissan 350Z Roadster Ultimate Edition (2004)



  • [Added]: New multiscrap feature
  • [Fixed]: Colored callipers on default vehicle configuration does not switch to black anymore
  • [Added]: Restore to default color caliper button in vehicle custom menu
  • [Improved]: Bought vanities are not automatically equipped on current vehicle anymore
  • [Added]: Back button when vehicle selection menu in summit
  • [Added]: New filter for summit vehicle in vehicle menu
  • [Added]: New icon is displayed for bonus set on vehicle snapshot


  • [Fixed]: SFX is now added when you switch between the options of Community Race tickets under Community Races tab with mouse
  • [Fixed]: SFX is now added when you switch between the options of Config menu under race creator with mouse
  • [Fixed]: SFX is now added while selecting or deselecting option in Filters Menu under Community Races tab
  • [Fixed]: Count down SFX in the rolling start is now present for the Motorcross Stunt events
  • [Fixed]: MAD skill music is now audible through out the game when player made changes in the audio setting and restore it to the default
  • [Fixed]: Skill music is no more audible even after reducing the game volume to the minimum value

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