26 January 2018

Alpha Grand Prix Discipline


Welcome to the latest installment of our Discipline series! Since we have already touched on the Street Racing, Off Road, and Freestyle families, we thought it was high time to focus on our Pro Racers.

We’ve all heard the old adage “Practice makes perfect,” but Pro Racers live by it. Novice or champion, they’re always searching for that perfect line, and in The Crew® 2, there’s no better embodiment of this mantra than Alpha Grand Prix.


This Discipline puts you behind the wheel of the fastest type of car in Motornation, a single-seater built to dominate the asphalt through pinpoint precision and breathtaking speed.

As such, both pre-planning and reactivity are key to performing well. You will need to know the layout of the circuit, every corner and straight line of which has been precisely engineered to pose a challenge, but you’ll also need to keep your wits about you to deal with opponents at high speed.

Different weather conditions will vary your experience on the same track. For instance, a rainy day requires heightened speed control through corners, whereas a dry track puts more emphasis on the accurate timing of your nitro boost.

One thing will never change, though. When all is said and done, whether you’re racing on the East Coast or the West, only the very best will earn the laurels of the Alpha Grand Prix Discipline.

See you at the finish line, Racers!

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