9 May 2023

The Crew 2 Season 8 Episode 2: USST Next

The Crew 2 Season 8 Episode 2: USST Next

The next chapter of Season 8 is here! The Crew 2 Season 8 Episode 2: USST Next will be available for free to all The Crew 2 players on May 10th!

After traveling the United States from East to West during Season 3, the US Speed Tour is back since Season 8, and we can't wait for you to see what comes next!

During Episode 1, the USST made its return in the biggest cities in the United States. Racers prepared to race on twisty urban tracks where the slightest mistake could cost them their top position.

For this Second Episode, the USST and Motorflix worked together to create a brand-new playground - the "Motorflix Arena" - and imagined the future of the Alpha Grand Prix together.

What does this future look like? Read on to find out more!

[TC2] News Article - S8E2 Content Overview - Recap Infographic

Full breakdown below. 


[TC2] News Article - Motorflix Arena

The Motorflix Arena depicts a futuristic version of AGP: big curves, underwater tunnels and big ups and downs will challenge you to give it your all. It is available in FreeDrive for all players with since the release of Season 8.
It is located on Lake Michigan close to Chicago and will host several dedicated events during this new Episode. We can't wait for you to see what we have planned!


Season 8 Episode 2: USST Next comes with several new Alpha Grand Prix events, which will be dropped during the first weeks of the Episode.

And don't even think you can get too comfortable in your racing skills, because the events might shake it all up! That's right, boosters will now be added to those new Alpha Grand Prix events, so be sure to push your cars to the limits.

[TC2] News Article - Full Speed

As you already know, challenging races aren't the only new additions this Season! Each event race also features an Endurance Race mode. These will take place on the same tracks with additional laps and different weather conditions. The Endurance Races will test your fortitude as you conquer these long trials! Maintain your focus and you will succeed.


New Season means new cars, and this one is no exception! Swinging into Season 8 Episode 2 is a wide selection of new cars, including the brand-new Proto line of vehicles including the Proto Glow Concept Motorsport and the Proto Concept Pulse Performance!

[TC2] News Article - Proto Proto IVT AGP 04

[TC2] News Article - Proto Proto IVT AGP 02

All the above vehicles will be available for purchase in bucks or Crew Credits starting on May 10th<.


The return of fan-favorite vehicles continues with Season 8 Episode 2. Old favorites from previous Motorpasses will be returning in May, including the Chevrolet Grand Sport Armored Edition (1963), Shelby gt500 1967 Americar Edition (1967), Volkswagen Kombi High School Edition (1966), and the Creators Tkachenko Ice Hunter (2021).

[TC2] News Article - Vehicles Comeback

Keep an eye out for more cars returning as more content is added to The Crew 2. Don't hesitate to take the opportunity to finish your collection!


Looking for a new ride? How about some shiny new vanities? This Episode's Motorpass has got you covered! Like previous Episodes it is available for purchase with bucks or Crew Credits. Don't miss out on awesome additions such as the McLaren 720S Spider Blast Edition (2019), the Proto Concept Sparrow Competition (2023), the Lotus Evora GTE Overcut Edition (2012), and the Creators Concept Spruemeister SM71 (2023)!

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Kicking off our LIVE Summits will be McLaren Addict! Get yourself a real taste of British luxury and refinement, all while celebrating one of the most prestigious car brands! Do well enough, and you'll earn yourself the Pure Plasma Nitro!

As always, you'll have also have a chance to really earn yourself something special with our first Premium summit of the season offering you the Proto Concept Spear Racing (2023)!

Check out our dedicated article here for more info: https://ubi.li/F1lx3

[TC2] News Article - Premium Summit Reward

Be sure to check The Crew Hub regularly to track your progress. 

And that's all for now, folks! We know you'll be itching to hit the track and see what the Motorflix Arena has to offer.

Until next time, Gearheads!

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