Season 1 - Raging Tides

Take a look at what Season 1 has to offer, with brand new gameplay, fearsome legendary pirates, and exclusive rewards!

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Season 1 Overview

With resource-rich merchant convoys sailing the Indian Ocean, pirates from across the world are driven into a feeding frenzy. Join the fray and face new, powerful enemies including the vicious Plague Lord Phillipe La Peste, Elite Warships, and more. Fight for your share of loot amidst the first season of Skull and Bones, Raging Tides.

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Season 1 Content

In the first season of Skull and Bones, engage in thrilling world events, face the legendary Philippe La Peste and complete challenges to claim exclusive rewards!


As you enter the perilious waters of Skull and Bones, beware of Philippe La Peste, the dreaded pirate lord of the Caribbean. In search of power, riches, and a cure for his festering afflictions, he sets his sights on the Indian Ocean.


Experience a slew of World Events, all for free this season. From Elite Warships and Merchant Convoys deployed by the Dutch Merchant Company, Compagnie Royale, and the Clan of Fara, to the fearsome Phillipe La Peste himself. Lure them into all-out naval warfare, and establish your dominance across the Indian Ocean.


Amidst the brewing turmoil, you'll also come face to face with the mysterious ghost ship that haunts the open seas, as well as a terrifying sea monster waiting in the depths for unsuspecting pirates. Experience these time limited events all for free!


Time to prove your worth, captains. Smuggle high value resources and complete weekly challenges to reap rewards as you progress across 3 unique paths simultaneously on the Smuggler Pass – The Shipmaster, Quartermaster, and Gunnermaster. With more than 90 rewards available, you can unlock free rewards or upgrade to the Premium Pass to get access to two full cosmetic sets for your Ship and Captain.


Complete this track to unlock a free blueprint for the La Potence Schematics, which reveals the weak points and boosts damage dealt to La Peste’s fleet and his ship when you’re in a group.


Complete this track to acquire the Carronade – a powerful new weapon ideal for crushing hulls and flooding your enemies’ ships.


Work your way up this track to receive the Wrathful Ward armor which emits a noxious fog that poisons your enemies and depletes their stamina when you’re hit while bracing.


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