Trial Week and Mad Challenge are over

Not sure if you qualified for the Mad Challenge draw? See the rules below.

Thank you for your participation in the Trial Week. We will reach out to the lucky Mad Challenge winners soon.

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Get a head start on the game and keep your progress.

Bring any stars, gear, and outfits with you from Trial Week into the full game when it comes out on October 28th!


Reach top 10 in a Mass Race for a chance to earn awesome rewards: a Riders Republic Canyon Bike and Gold Editions of the game!

Sign up for the Mad Challenge

Trial Week and Mad Challenge are over

In-game requirements

Complete the tutorial phase and reach a level of 20 stars to access the Challenge. Then, activate the Challenge at the Shackdaddies Bandits Booth (Mad Challenge - Exclusive Multiplayer Contest) in the Riders Ridge.

Make it into the Top 10 of a Mass Race

You have signed up on the website, reached 20 stars and activated the Challenge on the Shackdaddies Bandits Booth? Good! It's easy now.... Make it to the Top 10 in a Mass Race for a chance to win!

Win sick rewards!

The first rider drawn from the pool of qualified players gets a Canyon Bike and a Gold Edition! Following winners will earn Gold Editions of the game.

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