25 April 2022

Showdown Season begins!

Howdy, Riders!

It's happening: Showdown Season is finally upon us! Starting from April 26th at 11:30 AM CEST / 2:30 AM PT; the Showdown Season update will go live in Riders Republic. New content will roll out over the course of two days. Let's take a look at what to expect.

Starting from Tuesday, April 26th

Showdown Mode

Showdown is a brand new competitive multiplayer mode happening in a newly built arena. It's an electrifying 6v6 face-off where teams collect as many lightning bolts as possible, using Toys to help the squad or obstruct opponents. Discover three new toys: the Spider allows you to double jump and set traps, the Juggernaut is good for charging your enemies and destroying traps, and the Sniper is best to shoot snowballs from a distance with precision. Gather your crew, visit the Showdown gate in the Riders Ridge and get ready to climb the competitive ladder!

Wheelies, stoppies, and manuals

You've asked for them, and they're finally here: get ready to master new ways of riding a tour bike. We're looking forward to seeing your best wheelies! Share them with us using #RidersRepublic so we can check out your riding prowess. The team is looking forward to hearing your feedback as they continue to improve these new features.


A clan is a new social feature to find and interact with like-minded players in the world of Riders Republic. Clans are in-game-specific friend list, limited to 64 members. All clan members have their clan tag added to their username throughout the game. You'll be able to create and name your own clan, invite friends to join it, and manage it! With clans, you can create your OWN community within Riders Republic.

Starting from Wednesday, April 27th

The Gems Are Back

On that faithful day, the 9th of January 2022, weird yellow gems spawned across the Republic and infested our beautiful world but mysteriously disappeared not long after. Where did those gems come from, and what was their purpose? These questions may never get answered in our lifetime... Today, the situation is under control, but some gems still haven't been found. It's up to you, Riders, to help us clean the word of these gems!

New Shackdaddy Bandit Rewards and season progression rewards

To celebrate the launch of Showdown, get ready to compete against other players and complete the new Shackdaddy Bandit challenges to unlock Showdown-themed customization items, including shoes, pants, a helmet, and more! Check out the season's new rewards tier progression with 20 levels to complete.

New Legendary Gear

Get ready to unlock ten new pieces of legendary gear! You’ll have a chance to get them by leveling up your sport career ranks starting from level 40.

Twitch Drops

Want to unlock cool Riders Republic rewards? Be on the lookout for streamers on Twitch participating in our Twitch Drops campaign. You have until May 2nd, 2022, to get them! All you need to do is watch participating streamers for two hours.

Coming Soon

A new way to experience Riders Republic: introducing our Twitch Extension

We’re releasing a Riders Republic Twitch extension designed as an essential for every Rider streaming on Twitch! Once installed and activated, this extension lets viewers get the most out of your Riders Republic journey directly through your stream. Your viewers can check out your Rider profile, gear, custom outfits, multiplayer weekly level and divisions, and much more, expanding and collapsing the extension with a click, so they don't miss a moment of the action. The extension can be installed on a desktop and via the Twitch app on iOS and Android, too! We’re looking forward to getting your feedback on this brand-new tool.

Whew! That was a LOT! And we've got even more things coming in the weeks to come... We better get going; we've got gems to look for, clans to create, and Showdown to compete in! See you on the Ridge, Riders!


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