13 December 2022

Ride, Winter Wonderland...

We hope you recognized the song? Good luck trying to get rid of that ear worm. If not, welcome to the Season 5 update!

As usual, the patch notes you seek are here! For extra details, come and join us into this Winter Wonderland!

Change of rhythm

First, we would like to discuss a change of tempo for the patches. Until now, most of the seasons have had a mid-way patch to bring you the latest content. While being more dynamic, this brought more constraints than advantages. So, for season 5 and future content, we will now focus on a single but thorough patch. This will give the team more time to bring more exciting seasons packed with added content. We cannot wait to show you what they'll bring!

New features

One of this new seasons feature has been sneakily teased a little while ago! So let's begin. From now on, if your gear is not equipped, you will have the ability to jump while walking or running! As simple as it may be, this opens a whole new level of tricks! To be either inspired from this video, or to let your imagination run wild, share what you are doing with this new option! Let us see what you are capable of. How high will you leap from?


In beta for a while, the Leaderboards are losing this status with this season! One of the main improvements is to prevent going back on the tracks. Some of you became professional climbers. But it's now time to focus on getting the best of every single jump.
Put this core strength you acquired to use!

New partnerships

As with previous seasons, we're bringing new names in the game. This time, The North Face is joining the Republic as a sponsor! With its logo inspired by the Half Dome in the Yosemite, we're certain it'll find a good home with the riders! There are also familiar faces coming back!
Get ready to shine in the Republic with Prada!
They'll both also be present as part of the seasonal progression to have a chance to unlock legendary items!
But also, another game from Ubisoft is making its way in the Republic. To celebrate its 15th Anniversary, we're bringing outfits, emotes and more! Will you join the Creed?

Weekly Theme

You're now more than familiar with the concept! But every week will have specific themes. Either around a collaboration, a real-life event or some holidays, this season will bring a lot of different flavors!
We will spice up the competition this season! For the 5 first weeks, we'll have the same FFA Playlist running, focusing on tricks. But why a 5-week-long playlist? Well, we'll keep track of the wins in the 1st division. The ones which have the most wins will be displayed on the Ridge! (Without any other reward than eternal bragging rights!) We'll have a break for a week. It'll then be only 1v1! The top winners will be also displayed on the screen, but the exclusive helmet reward will be available for everyone... As long as you win enough! And after you have proven your duelist skills, it'll be 5 weeks of a racing FFA Playlist to fight for the leaderboard a 3rd time!
Not enough competition? We'll mix the no collision races and the Warrior Mass Races together. And we'll put the lights out for them. Get ready for Ghost Warriors Mass Races!

And to end this article with a cherry on top, we heard your request about the weekly challenges. From now on, they will all be entirely free!

With the season starting tomorrow, you'll have only a few hours to warm up and get a head start over the competition!


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