21 August 2021

Riders Republic Beta – all you need to know

Welcome, Riders!

The Riders Republic Beta is upon us and we’ve got a full breakdown of what to expect for all lucky players who have access. Don’t forget to sign up at www.ridersrepublic.com/register for a chance to participate. Let’s jump into it!

Dates & Platforms

The beta will take place from Monday, August 23rd at 5AM UTC to Wednesday, August 25th at 6PM UTC, with preload starting on Saturday, August 21st. It will be available on PC via Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X |S, Xbox One, and Ubisoft+, and will have cross-gen and cross-play support.

Access & Guidelines

If selected, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to get a key on your platform of choice a few days before the beta starts. Once you have a key, simply redeem it and start downloading! If you’re playing on PC, the beta will automatically be added to your Ubisoft Connect library. You’ll also be able to invite up to 5 people in your Ubisoft Connect friends list to the same platform you’re playing on.

Don’t forget: this Beta phase is under NDA so please do not share or stream game content during the Beta.


Riders Republic is an expansive game with a lot to offer! You’ll be able to get a taste of what’s to come when the full game releases on October 28th, here’s what you can check out during the Beta:

  • Play all 5 sports available: Bike, Ski, Snowboard, Wingsuit and, Rocket Wingsuit
  • Access to 3 sport careers: Bike Races, Snow Tricks and Air Sports
  • Access to all 3 multiplayer modes: Mass Races, Tricks Battle and Free For All
  • Fully roam the open world including some side activities

The numbers of stars you gain by playing will be maxed out at 55. These stars allow you to progress and unlock more things to do, so get as many as you can by simply playing through events and exploring the world! The two remaining careers available in the final game – Bike Tricks and Snow Races – will remain locked during the Beta.

Multiplayer modes

Riders Republic is a massively online social playground and we don’t say these words lightly. You’ll encounter the presence of players throughout the open world and in different racing and tricks events in your playthrough, but also by playing our multiplayer modes. Let’s talk a bit about them.

Mass Races

Mass Races are insane racing events across multiple sports with more than 50 players on PC and next gen (and more than 20 on current gen). They’re super fun to play with friends or against rivals. At launch, Riders Republic will feature a great variety of Mass Races, each of them taking place in different areas and involving different sports. During the Beta, you’ll be able to play through one of these mass races every 15 minutes: just watch out for the in-game notification and fly out to the rendezvous point! Finishing in top positions is a great way to earn a lot of stars.

Tricks Battle

While Mass Races are about beating out everybody else in a racing event, Tricks Battles are a team sport focused on doing cool tricks to gain points in a shared competitive arena called The Abyss, one of two arenas available in the game. You’ll be in a team of 6 players, playing against 6 other riders so teamwork is key! You’ll be able to play Tricks Battle at anytime throughout the day, just head to Riders Ridge to queue up.

Free For All

In Free For All , you’ll battle another opponent through a series of events in this 12-player mode. During the Beta, Free For All will focus on Bike Tricks events. Discover the King Monkey and El Capitan Playground spaces and challenge friends and foes to become the ultimate bike trickster! Free For All will be available to play at anytime throughout the day, just head to the Ridge to queue up.

And that’s it! We’re very excited for you to finally try out Riders Republic during the Beta and we can’t wait to see you online. Don’t forget to register at www.ridersrepublic.com/register for a chance to gain access.
Have fun, Riders!


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