Road to S.I. 2022 Event

The Six Invitational looms over the horizon and our Operators are more than ready to show off their training. In response, the Stadium is being refitted, scopes are being calibrated and gear is given a last rundown.

Join in the fierce competition for the Six Invitational in the Road to S.I. 2022 event from February 1st to February 22nd. Taking place on the tail end of the High Caliber Battle Pass, this is your last chance to reap one or all the 131 rewards from the Free and Premium tracks. A portion of all Battle Pass sales also contributes to the 3,000,000 USD Six Invitational prize pool! Complete Battle Pass challenges to earn rewards and play the Event for a +25% Battle Point bonus.

Every Operator has been added to the roster and will be available for selection during the event, no matter the role. Some of them will have specific customizations applied while the Road to S.I runs its course, so keep an eye out! Bomb will be played for all bouts, with an Operator Ban phase and a 3-minute match format. To spice things up, our competitors will play through a rotating night version of Stadium from 2020 and a modified Stadium version from 2021 between matches.

High Calibre Battle Pass

Enjoy a Free track and a Premium track spanning 100 tiers, for a total of 131 rewards. The Premium Bonus and Battle Point Boosters can help you progress faster, and the new Daily Victory Bonus will also reward you for your dedication and teamwork.

Two new kinds of customization items will appear in the Battle Pass: Operator Cards will allow you to modify the appearance and background of your Operator in character selection, and we’ve also produced our first Exotic weapon skin, Aethereal Flux, which includes 3D design and animated textures.

Additionally, a portion of the sales from the Battle Pass will directly contribute to the 3,000,000 USD Six Invitational prize pool.

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Audio Interviews

Zero’s rundown on Invitational Teams

“Alright recruits, gather ‘round.

The Six Invitational’s coming up, so it’s time for a rundown. You were primarily recruited to be a Rainbow Specialist, but you’re also part of a team for this upcoming tournament.

You’re probably familiar with your own team already, and if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know the others too, but let’s go through the rosters just to be safe. Each team is comprised of two units: Attack and Defense.

Flores, you’re on Team Ash. That means you’re on the Attack Unit with her, plus Dokkaebi, Montagne, and Thermite. The team’s Defense Unit is composed of Castle, Doc, Goyo, Maestro, and Valkyrie.

Thunderbird, you’re with Team Nomad. You won’t be with your team leader in the Stadium. Her Unit’s got Fuze, Maverick, Nøkk, and Twitch. Yours has Clash, Echo, Frost, and Mute. Get to know them if you haven’t already.

Osa, I probably don’t have to tell you, but the others need to hear it. Team Kali rounds out its Attack Unit with Ace, Finka, and IQ. Other than Aruni and Wamai, we have three others joining the Defense: Ela, Pulse, and Smoke. Harry expects everyone to play nice so don’t let me catch you arguing.

And finally, Thorn, you’re on Team Caveira. You’ve got Blitz, Hibana, Lion, Sledge, and Zofia on Attack. Your teammates on Defense are Melusi, Mira, and Mozzie.

The match order will be determined soon, but as a refresher, we’re running a double-elimination format. Try not to end up in the losers’ bracket.

You might have heard there’s some restructuring coming. Don’t let that distract you. Top brass expects the best you’ve got. This is both a training exercise and a showcase, so I don’t wanna see you slacking. I’ll be watching.”


This interview between Sam “Zero” Fisher and Jaimini Kalimohan “Kali” Shah was conducted following the assignment of team captains for the next Invitational.

Sam “Zero” Fisher: Look at you, a team captain.

Jaimini Kalimohan “Kali” Shah: I consider it a well-deserved promotion.

Z: Promotion?

K: I pulled my team’s collective ass out of the fire last year. It’s safe to say I’ve proven myself.

Z: What do you plan to do now that you’re running your own team?

K: Win, of course.

Z: Can you be more specific? It’s very competitive this season.

K: As Nighthaven’s CEO, I cultivate two things—talent and tools. Talent is crucial in order to get the job done, while tools enhance the capabilities of the aforementioned talent.

Z: Your tools are all proprietary to Nighthaven?

K: That’s right. The Invitational is an opportunity to test our designs in a live environment... or as close to live as you can get without putting lives at risk.

Z: That must attract a lot of potential investors who want to see your toys in action.

K: Nothing in life is free, Sam.

Z: Back to talent. What can you tell me about your newest recruit?

K: Osa’s an excellent addition to the team, as well as to Nighthaven. Her efficiency, both in the lab and on the field, is beyond compare. She’s also responsible for many of the ‘toys’ that we’ll debut.

Z: What do you appreciate most about Osa?

K: Her meticulous nature. I trust her to perform flawlessly. It doesn’t matter whether she’s overseeing a research project or a field operation. Osa focuses on details and doesn’t cut corners.

Z: Does this impact her flexibility?

K: No. Even if it did, I understand my peoples’ strengths and I play to them.

Z: I take it you don’t expect to lose?

K: No. [laughs] Why would I?

Z: It’s said that failure builds character.

K: Does it? I wouldn’t know.


This interview between Sam “Zero” Fisher and Taina “Caveira” Pereira was conducted following the assignment of team captains for the next Invitational.

Sam “Zero” Fisher: How’s it feel to wear the captain’s hat?

Taina “Caveira” Pereira: Like any other, it eventually shapes to the head.

Z: For someone used to working in the shadows, you seem confident in a leadership role.

C: One can keep a low profile and still maintain command. You know better than most what can be learned from such a vantage point.

Z: I do, indeed. How’re you handling Thorn’s temper?

C: She’s headstrong. It’s gotten us into some difficult situations, but I’m trying to show her how to use a... lighter touch. Smashing your way through everything can only take you so far.

Z: How about the rest of your team?

C: My team supports me. They know I can—and will—make tough decisions when the time comes.

Z: Given the opposition, how do you intend to achieve victory?

C: Knowing my team’s capabilities, I point them in the right direction and then get out of the way. As they advance, I provide necessary support.

Z: What if you lose someone?

C: Then we press on. One of us moves to fill the gap as best they can.

Z: Do you view this as a game?

C: To some extent, but simulation prepares us for real life. We all know the risks when deployed in the field. Anyone who claims otherwise is naïve. The Invitational is our chance to perform when the stakes are not as high.

Z: What about afterward?

C: We return to the field, where the risks are higher, and we act. Hopefully each of us has learned something valuable from this.

Z: One last question. Do you enjoy working as part of a team?

C: Of course... as long as I’m in charge. [laughs]


This interview between Sam “Zero” Fisher and Sanaa “Nomad” El Maktoub was conducted following the assignment of team captains for the next Invitational.

Sam “Zero” Fisher: Last year you fought as part of Capitao’s team. This year, you’ve been given your own. How’s the experience been so far?

Sanaa “Nomad” El Maktoub: A bit of a mixed bag, to be honest.

Z: Are you referring to Nøkk’s little stunt with your new recruit?

N: What else? It was a bureaucratic nightmare! [chuckles] I’m relieved no one was seriously injured. Or drummed out.

Z: I totally agree. Has Nøkk recovered?

N: Yes. She got more than she bargained for. Had I been in Thunderbird’s position, I might not have been so gentle.

Z: How’s Thunderbird doing?

N: She fits right in. Everyone feels more secure with a medic on the team. I‘d prefer we suffer no casualties, but we can’t ignore the possibility.

Z: I‘ve seen Thunderbird in action. She doesn’t need a chopper to fly.

N: She adapts well to every circumstance. Her physical agility and reaction time are undisputed.

Z: As the new kid on the block, I figure she’ll be a mystery to the other teams.

N: Yes, but not for long.

Z: Still, it could provide a crucial edge during the competition.

N: To me, this isn’t a competition. It’s a collaboration. The teams come together to demonstrate and learn. Even if my team loses, we have all achieved victory in that respect.

Z: That’s a valid point of view.

N: I can’t help but think some of us have forgotten our purpose. Nothing good can happen when we have conflicting objectives. I joined Rainbow to make a difference, not to play silly games.

Z: What do you think we can we do to make it right?

N: I don’t know. But if we work together, I think we can figure something out.


This interview between Sam “Zero” Fisher and Eliza “Ash” Cohen was conducted following the assignment of team captains for the next Invitational.

Sam “Zero” Fisher: Congratulations on making team captain.

Eliza “Ash” Cohen: Thank you.

Z: Feels like we were just here.

A: It does, yeah. [chuckles]

Z: How are you approaching the Invitational this year?

A: Flexibility—that is, being able to respond to unexpected events in real time—is a big part of my strategy.

Z: I guess Flores plays some role in that?

A: You bet. I didn’t recruit him for his empanadas or asado. The ability to generate an explosion in such a surgical manner is a game changer.

Z: Have the events of the last Invitational influenced your strategy?

A: Somewhat, but I like to think... hope... that what happened last year was an isolated incident.

Z: You’re not concerned about Kali being an opposing team captain?

A: I was wondering when you’d get to the elephant in the room.

Z: Everyone’s thinking the same thing. You have to admit, it got a bit personal.

A: It did, yes, especially in the heat of the moment. Given time to reflect, I feel my reaction to Kali’s insubordination wasn’t appropriate. I... lost my temper.

Z: Are you still worried that Kali is dangerous?

A: I worry that her methods might be dangerous. While she observes the letter of the rules, Kali has little respect for the spirit behind them.

Z: Do you think you have a shot at winning?

A: Of course, but victory isn’t as important as proving that a group of disparate operators can function under any circumstance, against any foe. I have faith we’ll give as good as we get.

Z: Win or lose, what are you going to do next?

A: Take some time off, visit friends and relatives in Tel Aviv.

Z: Sounds like a good way to wind down.

A: That’s the plan, Sam.

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