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Rainbow Six Extraction – Cross-Play and Cross-Progression

Rainbow Six Extraction launches in January 2022 with full Cross-Play and Cross-Progression support for anyone playing on the PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, or the PC Platform.

This means that regardless of where you choose to play, you will be able to squad up your friends or matchmake with others on any of the platforms that you can play Rainbow Six Extraction on.

You have complete control over how you play Rainbow Six Extraction, so, if you prefer, you can also turn off the Cross-Play functionality to only play with people on your platform.

Another feature we support that should help you when deciding where you play is Cross-Progression.

Your progression in the game and the content you earn through that progression will travel with you if you decide to start playing on a different platform. If you start your experience by playing on PC but want to switch over to the PS5 don’t worry, you’re covered. When launching the game, you will find your Operators, your progression, your content all ready and waiting for you.

It’s important to note, that the only aspect of your progression that won’t follow you across platforms are your Achievements/Trophies.

Are you looking forward to utilizing the Cross-Play and Cross-Progression features? Let us know by getting involved in the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Reddit.


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