15 January 2024

Prince of Persia™: The Lost Crown Patch 1.0.1 Release Notes

Patch 1.0.1 for Prince of Persia™: The Lost Crown was deployed on all supported platforms prior to release. All online copies of the game will include this patch when installing the game for the first time.

If it's not automatically applied before starting the game, please be sure to update your game manually using the dedicated platform service.

Patch size

  • Nintendo Switch: 393 MB

  • PlayStation®5: 2.27 GB

  • PlayStation®4: 3.39 GB

  • Xbox One: 3.21 GB

  • Xbox Series X|S: 1.25 GB

  • PC: 0GB (Patch 1.0.1 is included in the digital release game files)

Quick Overview

  • Finetuned the balance when fighting some bosses and enemies.

  • Improved Guided Mode experience.

  • Refreshed Audio Mix.

  • Refined Trophy Names, Icons and Description on Sony & Microsoft consoles.

  • 120 fps support for Xbox Series X.

  • Polished and various improvements to the user interface.

  • General bug fixes.



  • Improved performance on the map when zoomed out entirely.

  • Improved performance in a few parts of the world.

  • Xbox Series support for 120 FPS added.



  • Improvement of audio volumes and mastering in some sections of the game.

  • Various minor improvements on some enemy attack sound effects.

  • Possible case of missing audio after entering the Old Royal Road following the cinematic.

  • Music tracks occasionally stopped playing during some boss fights.



  • Adjusted Amulet icon size in the HUD.

  • Modified Healing potion visual in the tutorial pop-up.

  • Occasional overlapping of notifications with game UI elements or the menu.

  • Slight inaccuracy when uncovering the map on some parts of the map.

  • Game cannot be paused while interacting with some lore steles.

  • Rare case of re-fogging cleared sections of the map after training with Artaban.

  • Some instances where Sargon's marker on the map was not accurately positioned.



  • Mystery chest in Sacred Archives not opening in some occasions.

  • Accepting a side quest resetting the main quest hint progression of Fariba.

  • The "Retry"-feature wasn't available in fights with Erlik, the Undead Prisoner and Giant Crab.

  • Not receiving a reward after beating Giant Crab or Kiana in some special cases.

  • King boss not dropping a full Soma flower when killing him during a certain attack.

  • Unclear indication of how to locate Kiana at the Soma entrance when using guided mode.

  • Incidents where Sargon could get stuck after receiving Clairvoyance close to the first Wak-Wak tree.

  • Sargon getting stuck after opening a mystery chest in Tower of Silence.


  • Enemy HP in Story Mode was reworked.

  • Damage and spawn time of Kiana's clones were modified.

  • Damage of enemies in The Depth were lowered.

  • Hitboxes and damage of some attacks from bosses have been adjusted - including attacks from Jahandar and 2 other bosses

  • The cooldown of some Athra Surges was adjusted.

  • The values of some amulets were adapted.



  • Gameplay camera doesn't properly center on the action in a handful of locations.

  • Camera bug after using the fast travel in Raging Sea.

  • Using a zone ability while a certain Bossteleports offsets the camera.

  • Chakram and Teleport ability-combination could occasionally position Sargon outside of the level.

  • Sargon getting stuck inside or outside of barriers in some arena sequences.



  • Motherly Love - rare case of getting stuck in the boss arena.

  • Moon Gatherer - the camera could get stuck when skipping through the dialogue too quickly.

  • Lost Warrior Insignia in The Depths could get stuck rendering it not lootable.

  • The player can receive the Xerxes coin multiple times from Lost Warriors under specific circumstances.


  • Adjusted description for difficulty settings and game modes.

  • Prices for some items at the shopkeeper have been adjusted.

  • Refined Trophy names, icons and description on Sony & Microsoft consoles.
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