20 March 2024

Prince of Persia™: The Lost Crown Patch 1.1.0 + TU1 Release Notes

Patch 1.1.0 + TU1 for Prince of Persia™: The Lost Crown was deployed on all supported platforms on the 20th of March 2024

If it’s not automatically applied when starting the game, please be sure to update your game manually using the dedicated platform service.

Patch size

  • Nintendo Switch: 440 MB

  • PlayStation®5: 1.91 GB

  • PlayStation®4: 3.57 GB

  • Xbox One: 3.4 GB

  • Xbox Series X|S: 9.7 GB

  • PC: 2.08 GB

  • Luna: 2.08 GB


Full article on the new features can be found here.

  • Speedrun mode

  • Permadeath mode

  • Fariba's Treasure Maps



  • Support of 120Hz on Xbox Series S


  • New omnidirectional parry option

  • New "No HUD" option

  • Custom difficulty parameters range extended:

    • The Parry Difficulty can now be set to “Very Easy”

    • Enemy Damage and Enemy Health have wider ranges

    • New ‘Auto Athra refill’ option



  • In some occasions, the Time Crystals were missing as a reward together with the Haoma fragment.

  • Gravity Wings reward would sometimes be missing after completing the first Constellation.

  • Giant Crab would sometimes not take damage.

  • A Mystery Chest in Lower City could sometimes disappear when leaving the room too quickly after triggering its appearance.

  • The Mystery Chest in Sacred Archives could sometimes not appear, right after the Jailer’s first appearance.

  • A lore item in Sunken Harbor could sometimes disappear if not picked up before changing areas

  • “The Prophecy of Mount Qaf” side quest could be not triggered if performing specific actions in the Prophecy room before hitting the first sand jar.



  • In Lower City, a specific door after the Water puzzle could remain closed by changing rooms quickly.

  • It was sometimes impossible to enter the Infinite Tunnel on the far left outside of Mount Qaf.

  • A lever platform in the Depths could be broken in some circumstances.



  • FPS would drop below 50 in some areas of the Hyrcanian Forest.