17 November 2020

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Immortals Fenyx Rising - Mythological Combat!


Monsters lurk everywhere across the Golden Isle, and range from corrupted soldiers, lions, and harpies to much larger threats, including fast-charging minotaurs, lumbering cyclopes, and robotic automatons. Since many of your foes are gigantic, and because smaller enemies will rapidly surround you and attack, Fenyx’s fighting style is quick, versatile, and acrobatic. Light sword attacks can inflict quick flurries of damage, heavy axe attacks can break through shields (and eventually dizzy some enemies), and a well-aimed arrow shot can do immense damage to unsuspecting enemies. Executing a perfect dodge will slow time, giving you a brief window to unleash a few uncontested combos; and parrying an attack can knock your foes off-balance and render them momentarily helpless.

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Because a lot of Fenyx’s foes attack from the air (or are just really tall), Fenyx has a wing-assisted double-jump that lets them smack enemies around while hovering in midair. Your Herakles’ Strength power can grapple enemies and catapult you straight at them, and if a foe seems too tough, using one of your other godly abilities – like Hephaistos’ Hammer or Phosphoros’ Attack – can whittle down their health in a hurry. Every battle is fast and frantic, with a continuously shifting mix of enemies that give each encounter a different feel – and if you want to mix things up even more, a wide assortment of upgradable weapons and armor can grant different perks that complement your playstyle.

Immortals Fenyx Rising launches on December 3 for Stadia, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One family of devices, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PC, Luna and Nintendo Switch™ system.


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