2 July 2020

Welcome to Hyper Scape

It's 2054 and technology is everywhere. It helps people survive the day-to-day grind - from neural networks to cybernetic augmentations to burgeoning AIs - but for the bottom 90%, living is tough. Many work for megacorporations to survive - these are the lucky ones. There is only one way to rise to the top...one way to change your lot in life and achieve something better: win the Crown in an intense Battle Royale in the virtual world of Hyper Scape.

The Future of Interactive Streaming

Hyper Scape is the one and only urban futuristic free-to-play Battle Royale where Contenders engage high and low in close-quarters, fast-paced FPS battles to become the next global Champion.

Built from the ground up as an interactive streaming spectacle, Hyper Scape will change the way we watch video games by allowing streamers and content creators to interact with their audiences like never before. Every battle and every victory will be unique thanks to the participation of fans around the world.

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Hack Your Way to the Crown

Alongside an arsenal of futuristic Weapons, Contenders will be able to use Hacks, a set of lootable abilities that create powerful options for different playstyles.

From laying down Mines that seek out your enemies, to using Invisibility for a stealthy approach, or even to propel yourself into the air before crashing down on your opponent with Slam. Hacks will not only change how you play, but give you the edge you need to take out the competition.

All the while, the AI Game Master will play global event cards during the match affecting players with a slew of buffs. Meanwhile, the map itself, Neo-Arcadia, will succumb to the Decay as it deletes entire districts. All this chaos fuels the heart-pumping action of Crown Rush as you decide to go for the Crown or eliminate all opposition to get the victory.

Welcome to Hyper Scape where anything is possible.

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