2 July 2020

Hyper Scape Technical Test - Twitch Drops FAQ

If you’ve linked your Ubisoft & Twitch accounts and are actively watching a Hyper Scape stream that has Drops enabled, you are doing everything right.

*To best manage our server load throughout the Technical Test, we will deliver Twitch Drops in batches each day, with limited slots open in each batch. When slots become available, all you have to do is watch your favorite streamer who has Drops enabled for 20 minutes or longer to qualify for a chance to get a Drop. Keep in mind that the processing time of Twitch Drops can vary, meaning delivery won’t be immediate. If you didn’t get access during a batch, you can try again when the next one is released. *

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Note: Customer Support maintains a Twitch Drop FAQ

How do Hyper Scape’s Tech Test Twitch Drops work?

Watching Hyper Scape streams from our partnered Twitch broadcasters*, with your Ubisoft account linked to your Twitch account, will offer viewers a chance to access our Technical Test.

Link your accounts here

What time do the Twitch Drops start?

Hyper Scape’s Technical Test Twitch Drops will be enabled exclusively on our partnered broadcasters’ channels* for the first 24 hours of our Tech Test (July 2nd, 2020) starting at 9:00 AM PST Thursday on July 2nd. Additional streamers may be added to the list after the first 24 hours.

What time do the Twitch Drops end? This Drops program will end at July 7th 2020 at 8:59 AM PST.

What is the official list of Drop Enabled Streamers? You may find the list of Streamers with Drops enabled here.

Is my region eligible? The following regions are eligible to participate in the Hyper Scape Technical Test:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

If you live outside of these regions and manage to receive a Drop, you will not be able to access the Tech Test.

Do I have a higher chance of receiving a Drop if I watch multiple Drop enabled streams?

No, you will only be eligible to receive a Drop for one active channel at a time. Watching more than one channel simultaneously will not result in more rewards, or higher Drop chance.

If my Ubisoft account is in a country that is not included in the Technical Test, can I still get a drop?

While it is possible for anybody to receive a Twitch Drop, only those in the eligible countries listed above will be able to play the Technical Test.

Do I have a higher chance of earning a Drop if I watch a stream with less viewers?

No, all Twitch streams give the same chance of rewarding a Drop regardless of the number of viewers.

How can I confirm a Twitch Stream has Drops enabled?

You can check our verified list here. You can also check on the Channel page, underneath the Stream Title for the “Drops Enabled” message.

Hyper Scape - Twitch Drops Enabled

If a channel does not show this, even if their Stream Title says they are enabled, you will not receive Drops from viewing that channel.

How many Drops are going to be given out/is there a cap?

We will be giving out as many Drops as possible. Please be aware that part of the Technical Test’s purpose is to test our server load, and we’ll try to get as many players in as possible to enjoy the world of Hyper Scape, without negatively affecting the in-game experience.

Does interaction increase the chance of Drops?

Interacting in chat, subscriber status, using bits, Twitch Prime, and bit ranking will not increase your Drop chance.

Does having multiple Twitch accounts linked to the same Ubisoft account increase chances?

Only one Twitch account can be linked to a Ubisoft account at a time. Using the same linked Twitch account on multiple devices will not increase your chances of a Drop.

Are Drops granted completely randomly or are there factors to increase the chance?

The only factor is to be watching a Drop enabled streamer with your Twitch account that is linked to a Ubisoft account.

Can you still get Drops if my Twitch profile is set to offline?

Yes, as long as you are actively watching a Twitch Drops Enabled Stream with a linked Ubisoft account you are eligible for Drops.

Can you get a Drop watching from a mobile device?

Yes, if it is a Drops Enabled Stream, and you are watching with a Twitch account that is linked to your Ubisoft account.

How will I know if I received access to the Technical Test?

You will receive a notification in Twitch that you have received a Drop. You will also be sent an email to the account linked to your Twitch with additional information. Additionally, you can check your Twitch inventory at any time, which will show any Drops you have received on that account.

Do you have to subscribe to a Twitch channel to get a Drop?

No, you do not have to be a subscriber to receive a Drop.

Do you have to follow a Twitch channel to get a Drop?

No, you do not have to be a follower of a stream to receive a Drop.

Do you have to have Twitch Prime to receive a Drop?

No, you do not have to have Twitch Prime to receive a Drop.

Does IP address matter (Can multiple people get access on same IP)?

IP address does not matter. Multiple members of the same household may receive a Drop as long as each have a Ubisoft account linked to a unique Twitch account and are watching a Twitch Drop Enabled stream.

Does muting the stream/tab/internet browser matter?

Muting a stream or having it play on a browser tab that is not in focus does not affect Drop chance.

Can I gift my friend a Drop?

No, Drops are only redeemable on the Ubisoft account linked to your Twitch account.

Can I transfer my Drop to another Ubisoft account?

No, Drops are not able to be transferred.

If you activated the Drop on wrong account can Ubisoft Support transfer the Drop to right account?

The Drop can only be accessed at the Ubisoft account that it is linked to. We will not be able to transfer it.

Will any action be taken against Twitch bots, sellers, fake accounts, etc.?

We are working closely with Twitch on this Drops campaign and will be actively taking steps against those that try to abuse the Drop system. Our priority is to ensure excited players that watch streams receive Drops and not those looking to sell accounts/etc. Selling accounts is strictly against our Code of Conduct and will result in account sanctions.

I am a streamer, can I have Drops enabled?

Twitch streamers that can have Drops enabled have already been designated by Ubisoft for the first 24-hours only. After this time, additional streamers may be added to the Drop program.

What are the exact steps to enable Twitch drops on my stream?

As long as your Twitch account and Ubisoft account are linked, you should be all set to deliver Drops to your viewers. Please contact Ubisoft Support if you experience an issue linking your Twitch account, and Twitch Support if your Drops are not enabled after linking.

How often will my viewers get a Drop?

All streams have the same chance for viewers to receive Drops. Drops will be delivered consistently throughout your stream.

Do my viewers need to participate in chat to get a Drop?

No, participation in chat is not required for viewers to receive a Drop.

Can I make it so only subs get a Drop?

No, anyone who is watching your stream with a Twitch account that is linked to a Ubisoft account will be eligible to receive a drop.

I have Drops enabled on my Stream, but my viewers are not receiving Drops. If none of your viewers are receiving Drops, please contact Ubisoft Support so we can investigate it further.

How can I be sure that my channel is enabled to grant Drops?

When working properly, you will see “Drops Enabled” in your stream description.

Hyper Scape - Twitch Drops Enabled

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