11 June, 2024

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Warrior’s Den Recap – June 11

Welcome Warrior's! The latest Warrior's Den live stream, held on June 11th, brought exciting updates and insights to For Honor players eagerly anticipating Year 8 Season 2 (Y8S2). The developers provided a detailed look into what's coming, including new content, Esports updates, and some patch notes for gameplay balance. Here's a comprehensive recap of the key points discussed during the stream.

For more in-depth discussions, please check out the Warrior's Den Y8S2 TU1 VOD.

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Y8S2 The Muramasa Blade

Long ago, the Samurai sought to maintain their way of life in a land that wasn't their own. Everything they since built in the swamps has long been under threat from war and oppression. No target is more vulnerable than Seion Bridge, a crucial access point to the Myre. Now, enemies of the Samurai are gathering.

But at the mouth of the bridge, these invading forces face a single warrior: Master Katashi. Expert swordsman, genius tactician, a strict follower of Bushido and above all, he is the wielder of the fabled Muramasa Blade---a weapon said to grant the power of an entire army.

Master Katashi has made it his mission to protect the Myre at all costs, and stop anyone from crossing the bridge...

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The stream kicked off with a warm welcome from the development team, who expressed their gratitude for the community's continued support. They introduced the new season, the samurai-themed title "The Muramasa Blade," is set to launch on June 13th. This season will bring fresh experiences and enhancements to the game, while maintaining the dynamic and engaging nature of For Honor.

In addition to the new theme, the developers announced several exciting updates:

  • New Hero Skin: A brand-new Orochi hero skin titled "Master Katashi" will be available for players to unlock for $11.99USD or 25,000 steel.
  • Battle Pass and Legacy Pass: Players can look forward to the new Battle Pass and the new Legacy Pass, each offering unique rewards and content.
    • The Battle Pass will cost $9.99 US
    • The Legacy pass will cost $9.99 US
  • Free Event Pass - Bridge of 1000 Blades: From June 13th to July 4th, players can participate in the Bridge of 1000 Blades event and earn exclusive rewards through the free event pass.

Master Katashi Hero Skin for Orochi

Unlock the power of the genius swordsman Master Katashi, protector of Seion Bridge. With his fabled katana, the Muramasa Blade, said to harness the might of an entire army, Master Katashi stands as an unstoppable force against any who dare challenge his mastery. Dominate the battlefield and defend your territory with unparalleled strength. Check out the hero skin releasing June 13th for $11.99 USD or 25,000 steel. 

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Battle Pass

Word has spread of Seion Bridge, a crucial access point to the Myre. Now, enemies of the Samurai swarm the bridge in an attempt to invade. But all must face the indomitable Master Katashi. To defeat him, warriors from all Factions have armed themselves with new weapons, hoping their newly forged prizes will be able to match the fabled Muramasa Blade. Get 100 tiers of rewards for all heroes to unlock new weapons and mood effects. Premium rewards include themed outfits, effects, weapons, battle points boost from completed matches, 12.5K steel and more. Available during Y8S2 only.

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Legacy Pass

100 tiers of rewards for heroes are coming back to unlock weapons and mood effects from the Y4S2 Battle Pass including a tier #101 with retrofitted content for all heroes released after Y4S2 to date. If you already own the Y4S2 Battle Pass, you will continue from where you left off. Available during Y8S2 only.The Order of Horkos is a secret society in Heathmoor. With spies and covert allies across all factions, it has gained more and more influence over the past years. Its members believe they have been chosen by a deity, named Horkos, to weed out all impostors and hypocrites. Drawing some of their powers from alchemy, they are determined to become the leaders of a new world. 

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Free Event Pass

Sancturay Bridge is a crucial access point to the Myre, which all Factions attempt to invade. The bridge is marked by their graves: a thousand fallen blades. Invaders must face Master Katashi, the Orochi who wields the fabled Muramasa Blade. A warrior of pure serenity, control and mastery, Master Katashi has made it his mission to hold the bridge for the Myre.

The free Event Pass: Bridge of 1000 Blades, will be available from June 13th to July 4thth. Exclusive, limited-time rewards will be available during this time.

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Esports Update

During this segment, we announced our upcoming competitive circuit, Friend or Foe. The format will comprise of 3 phases with a total prize pool of over $17,000 and the circuit will start on June 29th

The 3 phases will function as follows:

  • Phase 1: 4v4: The winners will be rewarded a free pass through the next qualifiers phase for the 2v2.
  • Phase 2: 2v2: The winners will be rewarded a free pass through the next qualifiers phase for the 1v1.
  • Phase 3: 1v1: The winner will be crowned the ultimate Friend or Foe Champion!

If you're looking for more information, check out the Friend or Foe article!

[FH] News - Warrior's Den Recap - friend or foe


The patch notes segment provided detailed information on the latest changes and improvements being implemented in Y8S2. Some of the key adjustments include:

  • Balance Changes: Several heroes and feats have received balance updates to ensure fairer and more competitive gameplay.
  • Bug Fixes: Numerous bug fixes were addressed, targeting both minor and major issues that have been affecting gameplay.

For a more detailed breakdown of the patch notes, we suggest you watch the patch notes segment of the show in the VOD[LINK]. An article for the Patch Notes will be available on June 13th: LINK

That's it for this recap! The June 11th Warrior's Den live stream for For Honor Y8S2 was packed with valuable information and updates that are sure to excite the community. With the new samurai-themed season "The Muramasa Blade," launching on June 13th, along with the Battle Pass, Legacy Pass, and the free event pass "Bridge of 1000 Blades," this season is shaping up to be one of the most engaging yet. Be sure to check out the full patch notes and join in on the action as Y8S2 unfolds! See you on the battlefield!

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