10 March, 2022

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We are excited to announce that Crossplay is coming to For Honor on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Crossplay will be implemented in 2 phases, with Phase 1 being introduced on March 17th.

Crossplay has been an ambition of our team for a very long time. There have been many technical challenges to bring Crossplay to For Honor because the core technical game components were not originally designed to support it. Thanks to the hard work of the team, we are now proud to bring Crossplay to our Warriors. We believe Crossplay will benefit For Honor and its long-term vision.

Below, we answer some questions you might have concerning For Honor’s Crossplay and its deployment.

How will Crossplay be deployed in For Honor?

Crossplay will be deployed in 2 Phases in For Honor. Phase 1 will launch on March 17th 2022, along side the launch of Y6S1: Golden Age.

The launch of Phase 2 will happen at a later date as it is currently under development.

[FH] - News article - Crossplay FAQ

What is Phase 1 of Crossplay?

In Phase 1, Crossplay will be enabled for matchmaking for PVP and PVE modes, unifying the 3 player pools for all PC, Playstation, and Xbox players.

What are the benefits of Crossplay Phase 1?

With Phase 1 unifying the 3 player pools into 1, players should see an improvement in their matchmaking time, and have a better For Honor experience for online multiplayer game sessions.

Will the matchmaking system readjust at the launch of Phase 1?

Yes, when Phase 1 comes into effect, player skill ratings must be reset to use the new unified player pools and create balanced matchmaking matches. It will take a few games to re-calibrate your personal skill rating. As a result, Crossplay may connect you with players of varying skill for the first few games after its deployment.

Will in-game communication be affected by Crossplay Phase 1?

Due to technical constraints ingame voice chat will be have to be disabled for all Crossplay matches. We do have plans to reintroduce voice chat for Crossplay matches at a later date. PC users will still be able to use the free text chat fuction and any messages from it will only be visible by other PC players. Console users will still have access to quick text options and will be visible by all players regardless of platform.

What is Phase 2 of Crossplay?

In Phase 2, Crossplay functionality will extend to group play with your cross-platform friends and/or players. Your friends’ platform of choice will no longer be a blocker when looking to play together. More on how this will work when Phase 2 will be announced.

Why is Crossplay being deployed in 2 phases and not all together?

Phase 1 was ready to be deployed and we expect it to have a positive impact on the players’ matchmaking experience and therefore felt no need to delay its release for alignment with group play intended in Phase 2.

Which modes include Crossplay?

Crossplay will include PVP and PVE game modes, excluding Campaign Mode, Training Mode, Custom Match (Phase 1 only), Arcade Mode, and Rank Mode.

Can I Disable Crossplay?

Yes. On March 17th, Crossplay will be automatically enabled for all players. Players will still have the option to opt out of Crossplay should they wish. Don’t forget that if you opt-out for Crossplay you might experience higher wait times for matchmaking and lower quality of matches.

How do I opt out Crossplay?

You can opt out Crossplay in the Settings Menu under the new 'Online' option.

[FH] - News article - Crossplay FAQ - Opt_Out_ScreenShot

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