19 March, 2021

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Hero Overview Series

Greetings, Warriors! For Honor contains a large roster of heroes, each with their own move sets, abilities, and roles within any given team composition. With Year 5 officially underway, YouTuber Freeze has teamed up with Gameplan to help give an overview and guide of each hero. Whether you’re new to the For Honor community and trying to find which hero to start with, a player interested in switching up your hero selection in your next match, or just looking for extra tips to bring the play of your favorite hero to the next level, then this is for you!

Check out the videos below where you can find a breakdown of each Warrior, as well as a few key points and things to remember when facing off against your opponents.


  • If you can feint a heavy, his lights become faster, putting further emphasis on Beserker's aggressive playstyle
  • Powerful ledging capabilities with his deflect if used properly in the environment
  • His easy to use zone attack can be effective in ganks 


  • Use quick lights and unblockables to put pressure on your foes who are low or out of stamina
  • Good 1v1 hero, but ganking is where you'll want to place your focus
  • In team fights, watch out use Glad's speed to chase down low HP opponents trying to run away from the fight


  • Complex move set, so be patient when learning
  • Use Way of the Shark to deal extra damage on bleeding opponents
  • Great zone attack that's deadly in team fights and is great for mid-laning


  • Agressive 1v1 playstyle due to her fast lights and trap mechanic
  • The trap mechanic only works when your opponent is guarding, so be on the lookout for which stance your enemy is in
  • Nuxia's tier 2 feat Caltrops is a dangerous tool in her arsenal and effective in both 1v1s and team fights


  • Use bleeding attacks to open up PK’s arsenal and enhance her lights
  • Due to her lower HP stay on the outskirts of team fights, chipping away at opponents when the opportunity arises
  • Use her speed to chase down fleeing enemies!


  • Chi Stance is Shaolin’s main mixup tool which can be utilized after any non-finisher attack
  • While versatile, it’s difficult to gain ground using Chi Stance against heavily defensive opponents, so mix up your tactics and be patient when waiting for an opening
  • Use Shaolin’s tier 4 feat in Breach to quickly capture the banner and potentially turn the tide of the match!


  • Shinobi’s ranged attacks are high risk/high reward, so don’t put yourself in a position to be punished off of them
  • Deadly on the edge of team fights. Use your ranged attacks to catch those who put themselves in your sights
  • Shinobi’s pinning moves combine well with ally moves during ganks


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