5 August, 2022

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For Honor Into The Fray 2022

Announced on our previous Warrior’s Den, we are proud to announce that “Into the Fray” returns! For four weekends starting August 13th, there will be online 4v4 Dominion tournaments that will take place around all platforms with a total prize pool of $10,000.

Into the Fray 2022 will feature a new format and this time, players will be separated into two groups: Professional (PRO) Group and Amateur (AM) Group. Both will consist of a different ruleset- all information can be found on the battlefy website: battlefy.com/into-the-fray.

We also encourage you to join the FH Into the Fray 2022 Discord server where all communication and announcements will take place: (https://discord.gg/P5eMSRVkzD)

AM Group:
Who can play: Players in Europe and North America are encouraged to enter. Please note that the tournaments are cross-region, participants must be 18 years of age or older, and there is a registration cap of 64 teams per tournament.

When is it: There will be a total of six AM group tournaments with two each on PC, Xbox, and Playstation. The dates are the following:

  • AM PC 1: 13th Aug 2022, 4pm UTC
  • AM Xbox 1: 14th Aug 2022, 4pm UTC
  • AM Xbox 2: 20th Aug 2022, 4pm UTC
  • AM PS 1: 21st Aug 2022, 4pm UTC
  • AM PS 2: 27th Aug 2022, 4pm UTC
  • AM PC 2: 28th Aug 2022, 4pm UTC

Format: AM Tournaments will follow a Double Elimination bracket, Best of 3 Maps, Conquest*.

Registration is open until the start time of the tournament. The winning teams of the two AM PC tournaments will be invited to compete in the Pro Group PC tournament on the 3rd and 4th Sept 2022

PRO Group:
Who can play: Players who have previously qualified for the Dominion Series are allowed to play in the PRO Group. However, entry is still by invitation and all qualified players will be contact by the Tournament Organizers.

When is it: There will be 1 Pro group tournament on PC, which will be played across 2 days. The dates are the following:

  • Pro PC Day 1: 3rd Sept 2022, 5pm UTC
  • Pro PC Day 2: 4th Sept 2022, 5pm UTC

Format: PRO Tournaments will follow a Round Robin format, Best of 3 Maps, Conquest*.

*What is Conquest?
Conquest is a match format which aims to be a simple method of increasing character diversity in a competitive tournament. This essentially means that within a round, each team can only pick characters that they haven’t already won a match using. This means that to a win a Best of 3 Match, a team must field 8 characters total. If a team loses a map, they do not have to change characters, but may do so if they wish, as long as they do not pick any characters with which they have won a previous map in that round.

For more information on rulesets, prize pool breakdown, and stream, please visit battlefy.com/into-the-fray.

Good luck, Warriors!

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