26 April, 2023

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Warrior's Den Recap, April 26th, 2023

Year 7 Season 1 Title Update 2 will be live April 27th, this article will summarize the Warrior's Den that took place on the 26th of April.

For a detailed discussion on Year 7 Season 1 Title Update 2, be sure to check out the Warrior's Den VOD to see what is to come. In the show, we announced the highly anticipated game mode Test Your Metal, which is titled "Death by Metal" we also dove into everyone's favorite segment, patch notes!

[FH] News - WD Recap (April 2023) - Death by Metal

Test Your Metal is back! Death by Metal Game mode

The Fanatics are roundly defeated at the Battle of Secluded Keep. But rather than executing the remaining survivors, the Inquisition challenges them to a trial by combat.

The Fanatics must face judgment in battle while dressed as the legendary figures they revere-the relic heroes. The Inquisition also forces warriors from around Heathmoor to test their metal in fights to the death. With the event will come a free event pass.

  • Battle Outfit: Inquisition's Rule

  • Ornament: Inquisition Trials

  • Mood Effect: Shadow Cult

We're also bringing back the black armor sets retrofitted for all heroes. The black weapons will also return but are not retrofitted. The colour swatches Blackstone Elite & Iron Legion will also be making a return and will be available to loot during the entire event. There will also be 3 weeks of time-limited lootable rewards.

  • Battle Outfit: Age of Wolves (Time Limited Available Week 1) April 27th - May 4th

  • Embossing: Apollyon's Might (Time Limited Available Week 2) May 4th - May 11th

  • Emote: I AM WAR (Time Limited Available Week 3) May 11th - May 18th

We're also bringing back realistic duel from May 18th to May 25th. Players will be able to loot the black color swatch Apollyon during the event.

Armor Variations

[FH] News - WD Recap (April 2023) - Release Schedule

Below is the release schedule for armor variations. We'll be following this armor release plan moving forward.

  • Y7S1: Knight and Samurai Armor Variations

  • Y7S2: Viking, Wu Lin, and Outlanders Armor Variations

  • Y7S3: Knight and Samurai Armor Variations

  • Y7S4: Viking, Wu Lin, and Outlanders Armor Variations

On April 27th, we will be releasing the Gladiator armor set 5A and 5B.

Patch Notes

In this Warrior's Den, we presented you some of the changes that are going live at the launch of Y7S1 TU2. Check back tomorrow for the full list of patch notes.

Duel Frenzy Tournament

From May 20th until June 4th, For Honor will be hosting a duel tournament. The tournament will be run by For Honor's official tournament organizers, The Filthy Spaniard and Nutella.

The finals will be streamed live on our Twitch channel on June 4th, Twitch.tv/forhonorgame. The matches will be casted by community members Verbalosity and Vivid Naz.

$2000 Prize pool and steel will be given to winners!

Join our Discord for more information on where to sign up and stay up to date with everything competitive For Honor.


[FH] News - WD Recap (April 2023) - Duel Frenzy

This is only a brief overview of everything that was discussed during the Warrior's Den. If you want more information on the details, you can check out the VOD on our Twitch channel. Death By Metal will be available from April 27th until May 18th. We'll see you on the battlefield!

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