19 May, 2022

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Hero Overview Series (2022 Update)

Welcome back, Warriors. As For Honor’s roster continues to expand, we are honored to introduce three new heroes. With Year 6 officially underway, YouTuber Freeze has teamed up with Gameplan to help give an overview and guide of each hero. Whether you’re new to the For Honor community and trying to find which hero to start with, a player interested in switching up your hero selection in your next match, or just looking for extra tips to bring the play of your favorite hero to the next level, then this is for you!

Interested in learning the breakdown for each warrior? We have three new videos highlighting move sets, abilities, and general roles within any given team composition. So what are you waiting for? Dive into these videos and lead your team to victory.


  • Kaze Stance - By twirling their sword, they enter a powerful defensive full block stance, which also sports fast follow ups for interrupting opponents, and an unblockable for offense.
  • Kyoshin has a very easy to pick up gank that can guarantee a lot of damage.
  • In teamfights, the full block makes Kyoshin immobile, but allows for punishing blockable attacks, such as big sweeping zone attacks or target swapped dodge attacks.

Shinobi (Rework)

  • A lethal escape artist, thanks to an improved ability to chain into dodge moves, like backflip or front roll, and much better offensive tools.
  • Superb mobility also benefits them in teamfights, as they dance around their foes to deliver quick strikes.
  • Increased chance to get deflects, thanks to the unique ability to double dodge.


  • Has unblockable properties on both her forward dodge heavy, as well as "Walk the Plank" heavy after any attack or gunshot
  • “Walk the Plank" can also wallsplat an opponent for huge damage with proper positioning.
  • Can dish out a lot of hurt if she catches an opponent in a gank, with Walk the Plank and her gunshots both able to confirm ally attacks.

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