7 October 2021

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Far Cry 6 – Launch Patch Notes

Hello everyone,

Happy Far Cry 6 launch day! We’re excited to welcome you all to Yara and hope you’ll have as much fun exploring the island as we had creating it.

The development team has been working on two pre-launch patches which are available today. They are adding improvements to game stability and the UI, as well as addressing several issues we encountered internally.


Patch sizes (download and final installations are estimates based on the development environment):


  • Full game size: 37 GB, 77 GB with all languages and HD textures.
  • Final installation size: 51 GB / 89 GB with all languages, HD textures.

Xbox One:

  • Full game size: 37 GB, Day 0 patch 15.9 GB, Day 1 patch 1.4 GB.
  • Final installation size: 48.8 GB.

Xbox Series X/S:

  • Full game size: 37 GB, Day 0 patch 18.5 GB, Day 1 patch 3 GB.
  • Final installation size: 42.3 GB, 68.4 GB with all languages and HD Textures.

PlayStation 4:

  • Full game size: 37 GB, Day 0 patch between 15 – 21 GB depending on region, Day 1 patch 1.3 GB.
  • Final installation size: Between 41 – 47 GB depending on region.

PlayStation 5:

  • Full game size: 40.6 GB, Day 0 patch 23.6 GB, Day 1 patch 0.5 GB.
  • Final installation size: 57.6 GB, 83.7 GB with HD textures.


Patch Notes:


  • Online connectivity and stability improvements
  • UI improvements

Bug fixes:

All platforms

  • Fixed an issue that could cause option menus to open while using Photo Mode.
  • Improved subtitles and localized subtitles.
  • Fixes and improvements for weapon, vehicle, and amigo sound effects.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the UI to be stretched when using ultra-wide display resolutions.

Xbox One

  • Fixed an issue that caused optical weapon attachments to be too shaky when aiming down sights.


  • Several improvements to texture quality corruption appearing after extended playing time.


  • Fixed an issue where settings did not save if the user exited the game from the main menu without launching the campaign.

PlayStation 5

  • Fixed an issue that caused DualSense vibration to stop working after opening any menu while playing a co-op session.

We have also prepared a list of Known Issues which you can find on the Player Support forums here, and if you encounter any issues or bugs yourself, head over to the Player Support forums to report them there.

//The Far Cry team

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